de Rotte in Rotterdam  

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Uploaded: 01/08/11 1:02 PM GMT
de Rotte in Rotterdam
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Have been doing some post editing on this picture was looking for something like old school painting and how sunlight was used have a couple of other pictures I am working on well lets see what happens if old school still cuts it.


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01/08/11 2:03 PM GMT
I love the windmills you have over there. The colors and the lighting are beautiful in this. Gorgeous shot, Rob.
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01/08/11 2:13 PM GMT
Oh, likes this one...a lot!

Composition, lighting, the dark colors it's all there to make this atmosphere that you have captured here.


+favs for me.
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Carpe Diem!
01/08/11 2:41 PM GMT
Has much resemblance with a painting of an old Dutch master, Rob.
Just wonderful!
Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
01/08/11 3:08 PM GMT
Good job. I think it would have more of an old world painterly look if you cropped a little from the right and cloned out the street lamps.
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01/08/11 4:08 PM GMT
Hi thanks for your comments on De Rotte was not worried about the street lights got caught up in getting the light effect I wanted but you are right should have paid more attention to detail and cloned out the street lights but theres always the rework and the light well maybe, but if some wants to give it a shot.
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01/08/11 4:59 PM GMT
Rob, can I call you Rembrandt for this day.. fantastic work!! Mich
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01/08/11 8:56 PM GMT
Beautiful and Absolutely Stunning work,Rob.Love it.
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01/08/11 9:54 PM GMT
Rob - The antique, old school look is successfully accomplished here. If the slight banding and blue on the right could be muted, and the street lamps cloned out, it would make the photo outstanding. Thad
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01/09/11 7:09 AM GMT
Good work on this photo Rob. I like the lighting and shadows in the image. Very nicely composed scene.
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01/09/11 7:52 AM GMT

Fantastic result you got in this work, Rob! It remainds the painting style of some old masters, very well done!
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Susie Sun
01/09/11 4:13 PM GMT
I was totally confused. I had this one in the VB and gave it high marks. Then I saw Twinkels post and thought she had reworked one of hers that she deleted. Glad I found this original so I could tell you how much I like it.
It is really a masterpiece.


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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
01/09/11 4:19 PM GMT
An outstanding painting which recall the old flemish Masters.
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01/14/11 7:49 PM GMT
Rob, It amazes me when I see a glorious photo like this with a C-Index of 50. This is a solid 8 in the VB, but what are ya gonna do? I see from the comments above that there are some very talented photographers who agree that this one is a beauty. When you look at the C-Index and the individual votes, don't you just want to talk to the morons that awarded a 1 or 2 and ask them what they were looking at?

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04/03/11 11:38 PM GMT
Rob,old school still works.
Well done.

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10/30/13 4:25 PM GMT
awesome work with the light, got what you wanted...Ro
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty

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