Painted Rose 2  

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Uploaded: 12/06/11 4:32 PM GMT
Painted Rose 2
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Not a rework just diferrent.


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12/06/11 6:14 PM GMT
Very nice piece of art work you have created hear.Love the light and shade, plus the rich looking colours in this great looking art post,well done.
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12/06/11 9:50 PM GMT
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12/08/11 3:12 PM GMT
Great layering work. Looks like a beautiful painting.

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12/08/11 11:31 PM GMT
Rob - The texture layer adds an interesting element to the image. I like the concept, but, in honesty, find the texture to be too storming (for my liking). Thad
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12/10/11 3:15 AM GMT
I like the colour in the rose in this version. The shading and textures seem a little too strong in this one. You lose some of the details.
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05/13/15 5:38 PM GMT
This is gorgeous, Rob. You are an artist of many talents.
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