Bad Moon a Rising  

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Uploaded: 01/07/12 4:12 PM GMT
Bad Moon a Rising
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I posted this image before under the title Maassluis 3. as I have be mucking around with lighting lately I reworked the picture to include the Moon. Well let me know what you think. The Moon I used in this image is my own picture/work should there been any question as to its origin.


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01/07/12 4:48 PM GMT
Going back through your gallery, Rob, it's apparent that you've always had a special gift with manipulation and especially with manipulating light. I was looking for one shot in your gallery in particular of a large ship that you shot during the day and made it look like it was shot in moonlight. I couldn't find it, but that shot reminded me of this one.

Beautiful work with manipulating the light. The moon doesn't look bad although it does look closer to Earth than I'm used to seeing. The tides in Rotterdam must really be a bitch.

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01/07/12 5:00 PM GMT
'The tides in Rotterdam must really be a bitch.'
The title says it all Roger Bad Moon a Rising.
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01/07/12 6:23 PM GMT
A really beautiful night scene, Rob. The moon, while gorgeous, is a bit too out of proportion with the builings, but it certainly makes a statement.
The lighting on those buildings is spectacular, with the immediate foreground so beautifully silhouetted. Congratulations.
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01/07/12 8:35 PM GMT
I wonder what will happen soon ..for something happening,I feel it..a killer has come to town.Stunning manipulation,Rob.
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01/08/12 5:29 AM GMT
I think you took a really good capture and turned it into a really great one Rob. I stand in greatness. Well done and faved.
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01/08/12 5:46 AM GMT
Very effective manipulation Rob. Looks like you used an interesting technique to reverse the exposure. Good one!
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01/08/12 6:28 AM GMT
Nice work...curious how you accomplished this after viewing the original.
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01/08/12 7:59 AM GMT
Another masterful manipulation work, Rob. Very creative. Nice shadowing and light play in the image.
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01/08/12 4:19 PM GMT
Wow this is outstanding the light and illumination is stunning and what a great angle you captured the place from my friend.It as a great look to it and it is as if one as gone back in time to the days of Charles Dickens.
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01/08/12 10:52 PM GMT
That's a big bad moon...Nice one...
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01/09/12 12:12 AM GMT
Rob - It's only a bad moon if it keeps coming closer! Creative work, my friend! Thad
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01/09/12 12:33 AM GMT
Gosh! I really like the treatment you've given this work. I don't know how you do it but it is a masterpiece. That must have been the moon CCR saw when they put the song together. Terrific photo.
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01/10/12 12:53 AM GMT
Truly outstanding work. Top notch it is!
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01/13/12 6:45 AM GMT
Very good a bit too contrasty but good
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08/09/12 9:06 AM GMT
I..n..t..e..r..r..e..s..t..i..n..g!!! Glad you shared it, its intrigues me. Nicely done.
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