Drone Fly #1  

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Uploaded: 12/09/11 5:07 AM GMT
Drone Fly #1
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A bee sized fly imitating a, well a bee.


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12/09/11 2:19 PM GMT
The colors and details are great!
But your kidding about it being a fly....??
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12/10/11 2:40 AM GMT
Thanks Gabrielle. I cropped away about a third of the body and it's very much bee colored too. It's a fly though and mimicking a bee might get it less attention from predators. Or looking like a bee might keep the competition away and provide better feeding opportunities. There's always a reason.
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12/12/11 9:19 PM GMT
Amazing detail! I like the composition also.
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12/20/11 10:31 PM GMT
Amazing that something so small can be so complicated. WOW!
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