Light my fire  

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Uploaded: 08/19/03 10:02 PM GMT
Light my fire
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08/19/03 11:06 PM GMT
This is so entirely cool Sam.... wow. Awesome. =D
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- Beowulf
08/20/03 1:36 AM GMT
How do you come up with such great photos!! Perfect exposure/timing.
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08/20/03 6:04 AM GMT
Wow, now that is great. Just the timing on getting the split-second flare is amazing. Nice work!
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08/20/03 7:22 AM GMT
Matthew thanks so much!

Tracy thank you! i just experimenting with my camera and if you like them itīs a big bonus for me.

Thank you Mike! i really appreciate your comment.
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"Nessecity is the mother of invention"
08/20/03 1:33 PM GMT
Geez, how did you do that?

It's beautiful. :)
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08/20/03 4:47 PM GMT
Verrrry nice samarn, to repeat what xentrik said, perfect timing! =)
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08/20/03 4:49 PM GMT
Yeah.. Did you light the match yourself? I don't see how you could make such a nice picture with only one hand.. (But then again, you're the master at this sort of thing, so it's more like one of your hands has twice the skill as both of mind :-) ) Anyway, I love this picture and I wish you much luck in the contest with it.
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-=The Beast Strikes Once Again!=-
08/21/03 1:27 AM GMT
awesome great timing and the black background goes good and best of luck =)
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§Ce n'est pas etre bien aise que de rire§
08/21/03 3:07 AM GMT
how the....? i don't understand this sort of stuff. how could you possibly have done that? the timing is so perfect. and the background? how do you do that? did you take this picture in front of a green screen and then just change the background to black or what?
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08/21/03 4:04 AM GMT
To me you should of said "Match this!!!" lol Awsome job samarn you pulled it off nicely :)
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A.K.A. "Champ"
08/21/03 6:43 AM GMT
Iīm really glad for all your comments, thanks! When it comes to the photo technique i just used self-timer and i did light the match myself, all that in a dark room without background.
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"Nessecity is the mother of invention"
08/22/03 1:19 AM GMT
speechless =X
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08/22/03 4:06 AM GMT
Yes..perfect timing to produce a excellent image once again!!
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08/22/03 7:14 AM GMT
Now to create a Terragen image based off of this.. :P
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08/25/03 5:06 PM GMT
Thank you very much Tony, plumcrazy and g8way.
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"Nessecity is the mother of invention"
08/26/03 9:18 PM GMT
W.ow.................that special!
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10/11/03 1:46 PM GMT
This one is great.
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10/12/03 7:40 AM GMT
Thank you Alex!
Thank you Benjiwang12 !
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10/13/03 6:34 PM GMT
This is awesome!!!!! I know plenty of people have said it, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in! Again, you inspire me! I love your work so much that I'd probably faint if I saw you in a coffeeshop or could get your signature! Do you do any professional work in photography?
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10/14/03 8:47 AM GMT
Hahaha!......i might faint myself, you are really nice. No i donīt have time to do professional work, itīs just a hobby for now. I might consider do some professional work now after your comments.....;-) Thank you!
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10/21/03 3:00 PM GMT
awesome shot, love the title too.
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03/13/04 4:43 AM GMT
whoa. samarn. wow.

you caught that shot at the exact moment of ignition did you not? its so perfect. i love it. very nice. thank you for the interesting image
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moment of silence please for those who never get the chance they show up to the party but they're never asked to dance the losers the liars the bastards the thieves the cynicists, the pessimists and those that don't believe in nothing -streetlight manifesto
04/01/04 10:38 AM GMT
Excelent capture, was this your first match from the box?
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Non nobis Domine non nobis sed Nomini tuo da gloriam
05/26/04 4:26 PM GMT
so how did you know what to set the timer on the camera to?
im so confused but this is a truly wonderful shot
you're gallery is one of my faves 10/10 and in my faves
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05/26/04 9:03 PM GMT
its a good thing that matches are cheap :P i can imagine trying to get this shot right might have taken a good while, and a large box of matches
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It is impossible to win an argument with an ignorant man.
07/15/04 1:32 PM GMT
Box of matches: $3
Trash bags for disposal of wasted matches: $2
Sam's photography skills: priceless

Amazing shot!
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"From Mount Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines in glorious radiance." NLT --Psalm 50:2
07/18/04 4:31 PM GMT
Thanks! i really appreciate your comments....thank you all.
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~Samuel Arnfjell~
08/18/04 2:30 PM GMT
Fantastic picture,love the colours and the small cone shape from the end of the match looks really good.
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12/23/04 7:23 AM GMT
I thinK i just came in my pants! Jesus thats a great shot.... hold on .. (Sound of paper towel ripping) ok.. im good.. Wow , ok well take some more like this!
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"Lovely girl your the murder in my world, dressing coffins for the souls i've left to die" ~Smashing Pumpkins~ Adore album.
01/23/05 5:10 AM GMT
how many match boxes did you go through? not to mention film (unless its digital...)
a well deserved 10/10 into favs
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"i dont need you to tell me that im not a cat" ~modest mouse
04/19/05 1:25 PM GMT
woow!! that is a great capture!! its amazing!!
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"Duct tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side, and holds the world together."
05/01/05 3:07 AM GMT
got to have great timing for this shot. Great Job!!! I love it!
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04/03/06 1:01 PM GMT
aww.... i was just thinking how original it would have been to go and take a picture of me lighting a match, then saw this... oh well i couldnt have done it this well anyway, very nice work
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04/04/06 8:42 AM GMT
Thank you very much for your nice comments.
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~Samuel Arnfjell~<br> New weekly upload to Lapland Postcard
05/15/06 3:21 PM GMT
this shot is really cool.. i like how you have the black background with the fire
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