Boiled Evolution  

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Uploaded: 03/11/07 1:05 PM GMT
Boiled Evolution
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I had a bit of a zen moment, and then I can up with this.


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03/11/07 1:33 PM GMT
Saved and faved its a fantastic image, well done :-)
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03/11/07 2:34 PM GMT
great perspective here. i could easily see myself emerging from that rippled water, and meditatively staring at those night-time clouds. nicely done
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03/11/07 5:23 PM GMT
Very nice work indeed. (I've no idea how this stuff is done, so I'm definitely impressed, too.)

I can't honestly say I like this. I may do. I'm just not sure yet. (I seem to say this a lot but nobody else ever seems to say it at all...)

It's strange and peculiar and a little ominous, but possibly hopeful. I'm not sure about the jewel. It seems not to fit in a very powerful sense, but this may partly be the point.

What really intrigued me about this was that the combination of title and image reminded me of the idea of 'swampman' although no such being has emerged here, of course. But the jewel is somehow equally unlikely and bizarre (or, not equally unlikely, but the improbability seems relevantly similar).

Compelling viewing.

- cfr
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03/11/07 11:52 PM GMT
i like the very brooding nature to the setting and colours of this piece a lot. the viscous nature of the liquid in particular is very impressive.
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03/12/07 2:45 AM GMT
Is it the parting of the Blue Sea? I dunno...It's dark but's intriguing.
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"If I dream I shall be real, or really myself..." Robert Penn Warren
04/28/07 6:12 AM GMT
Powerful image with the background giving it extra strength.
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