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The ideas just aren't coming to me today (probably because i'm sick, damn family >:|)... just more of the same grunge/abstract hybrid.


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07/06/07 7:12 PM GMT
Heya long time no see. I love this plasma storm you have created here. Excellent work
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07/08/07 1:28 AM GMT
Summer has a way of taking on a life of its own. I know. Thanks for thinking of sending up a post at any rate :) Enjoy your family time :)


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07/08/07 6:46 AM GMT
It's winter over here in Oz :P

But thanks anyway :)
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07/09/07 10:43 AM GMT
I love all your grunge type pictures... there aren't too many on the site, and it's nice to see them, and it's nice that somebody who knows what they're doing is making them :D

Keep it up Dave *^ 5s*

Gem xx
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I wish I was a glow worm, a glow worm's never glum. How can you be gloomy when the sun shines out your bum? *runs off into distance giggling*
07/15/07 7:36 AM GMT
Nice one - I really like this
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07/28/07 4:42 AM GMT
Hi luv!



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09/04/07 1:22 PM GMT
Sometimes that better works comes from remixes of old ones.. I'm quite liking this one and hope your feel better soon.
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