Virgata ( with a bit of speedy style :P )  

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Uploaded: 12/27/07 2:52 AM GMT
Virgata ( with a bit of speedy style :P )
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Just testing out my new camera, and my photoshoppin skillz :P

*fails to describe his work in detail, again*



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12/27/07 3:44 AM GMT
This makes a stunning desktop - can you tell me though how to align my icons horizontally as opposed to vertically, so as to better take advantage of this format??
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12/27/07 9:36 AM GMT
what happened to the end of speedy?
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12/28/07 6:18 AM GMT
Almost bridal in its purity and promise. A treasure of an image.
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12/29/07 8:13 AM GMT
The tiny flowers almost look like snow falling gently across the green needles... I like the effect.
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12/29/07 10:37 AM GMT
woaaaaaaaa, so pwreetyful!!! Nice job!!!!!~ sweet, I likey

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Merry Christmas
12/30/07 4:29 AM GMT
haha well, this is pretty awesome looking. Its really clear and I like how I can see the little flowers (are they flowers? lol) on the plant.. anywho its cool. ^_^
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01/04/08 11:12 AM GMT
Annnnd ... what kind of camera did you get?

Enquiring stickybeaks want to know. :oP

Colours are quite good. Your treatment does add a dreamy quality and feel, no doubt ... just not sure what your objective was with the ... hmmm, 'interesting'? crop?

Still pushing the creative envelope, eh?

No a bad thing as you should know that I am open to experimentation.

Compositionally ... hard to get this out of me head ... think an offset placement would be preferrable, and again ... that may just rest with me.

Crazy clapping cookieman. >:oD

Now then ... really good to see you posting work Dave. Hope to see more, always interesting and inspiring to me to view your pieces.
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01/07/08 4:25 AM GMT
The new camera you ask?

Olympus FE-210 7.1 Megapixel photo taking thingamajig, does the job quite well :P
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