Structure of Greed  

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Uploaded: 12/13/06 5:31 AM GMT
Structure of Greed
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Apop. Photofiltre. Not sure what to say about this But I hope you enjoy. Your views and comments are much appreciated :) Lori


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12/13/06 8:27 AM GMT
It reminds me of fish. Lots of them. Lovely color for this with the one red one in there.
I like the balance of the threesome.
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12/13/06 1:04 PM GMT
For some reason, to me this is vaguely reminiscent of a biohazard symbol. Must be a sign I need to get out of the lab! Very interesting. I like the way the color at the lip of each funnel is subtly present in towards the center of the spiral.
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12/13/06 5:32 PM GMT
Great job Lori, this is really good my dear. Luv tne colours and the design is farout.
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12/13/06 5:42 PM GMT
covers all 3 branches-house, senate, and occupant of the white house!
(oopsie-in case i offended anyone!)
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12/14/06 2:00 AM GMT
oooo...I'm not sure what comment should follow Moofied's, but I'll venture in here and just say that the title baffles me and that's one of the things I was going to say BEFORE I read Moofied's comment, but be that as it may, it's a pleasant sight, and I'm sure it would be great as a desktop as the colors are bright and blend well with each other ;)PJ
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01/01/07 1:00 AM GMT
Love this one. It does have structure... amazing. And it is self-consuming, self-sustaining... yet finite. !!! :) btw, I like the gradient, but it feels like the colors collide. that's just my taste.
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09/21/09 1:03 AM GMT
Greed... greed? Yes, greed is a vice that can be quite complicated, in that it takes many forms and directions; consuming every thing it can, whether it needs it or not; and strangling, not only for the person experiencing the vice but also for his victims. These shapes remind me of boa constrictors, not only in their shape and color, but also for what they appear to be doing. Their scales are much more 'complicated' in design than you normally find on a snake, and these three appear to be 'consuming' something as large as their mouths can spread. The fact that they are strangling each other from the center out, symbolizes how a vice, like greed, when out of control, can destroy itself and it's host. A bit disturbing but intricately beautiful, Lori.

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02/20/11 2:26 PM GMT
I enjoy the red distinction
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