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Uploaded: 04/06/04 1:01 PM GMT
Caedes M3
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04/06/04 2:12 PM GMT
New version of my Caedes Design, reworked most of the image, a lot more 'practical' now but still maintains the spider motif and while a little more conventional it still offers something different to the normal package.

I added some color to this version, perhaps the colors could be changed to personalise the theme.

The menus would opperate as drop-downs ('galleries' menu shown exploded). The other menu's would be mostly the same as the current ones except that in 'Control Panel' there would be the skin options, this would open a page which would allow you to customise the colors etc and this would be stored in your profile.

The page is split into 3 frames, there is the main frame which comprises the background and # of users online, the other two are inline frames which are in the 'news' box at the top and the 'main' box in the middle. Galleries/Profile etc would open in the main box while news would be displayed in the 'news' box

If there are too many people online for them all to be displayed at once (and face it, its Caedes so thats like all the time) then there is a 'view full list' link at the bottom which opens in a popup a small page with the complete list and breakdown (guests, members, active) online.

Oh and the gallery photography sub-menu is illistratory (word?) only, my net was down so I just made up the catagories :)

Sorry for waffleing on, I think thats everything ;)
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04/06/04 2:16 PM GMT
the design is really well made..cant help but like those round picture views, even if they are unpractical for showing rectangular images, works well with ones where you have a clear focal object... but thats nto going to be universally true .. but i think its going to suffer due to the number of frames... i posted a design earlier on in the contest.. trying to use extra frames to create a free floating sidebar..and its a no no... i quote caedes '...inner window with separate scrollbar would probably never happen. If you use frames or iframes to do it then the search engines hate you and people can't bookmark individual pages within the site. If you use CSS and javascript it's a real headache to make sure it works for everyone.'.... good luck in the contest :D
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04/06/04 3:13 PM GMT
Damn, it could be made with one Iframe but thats about it... Well, looks like its back to the onld drawing board - thanks for the heads^ Grim.
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The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them. William Clayton
04/15/04 7:36 PM GMT
I bloody love it. Very light, and easy on the eye, I'm voting for this one to win! ONe thing though. The background colour could use a bit of dulling, it may be a little too bright.
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04/20/04 11:45 PM GMT
interesting, yet i don't know how you would plan on implementing other pages other than this first in it...perhaps a preview of a gallery page might be in order
suggestions for design:
a) fix the google add by moving it over a little to make it match up with the blue region above it.
b) i like most of your font-work but it seems the titling should be in another font
c) like raziel said darken up some of the whites on the page
i can't help but like it too tho, nice job...7/10
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