Flowery Patio Decor  

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Uploaded: 05/18/20 11:34 AM GMT
Flowery Patio Decor
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This is part of a hanging basket I have set out by the patio. I don't know what the flower is but this basket has an assortment.

I used my Nikkor 50mm lens for this one.

Thanks in advance for your comments.



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05/18/20 2:43 PM GMT
I have a similar one too but Have no idea what they are called.It looks good.
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05/18/20 2:53 PM GMT
Could be one of the many species of a Verbena, Sandi.
I'm not sure however, so I leave it up to Kathy, the real flower specialist.
Wonderful capture however.
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05/18/20 3:45 PM GMT
The colors sure are beautiful Tigz. Guess we will have to wait for Kathy to check in to get the answer.
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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
05/18/20 4:39 PM GMT
So lovely, the red colour catches my eye!
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05/18/20 5:26 PM GMT
That pop of red really catches your eye. Nice one, Sandi.
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05/18/20 7:07 PM GMT
It does indeed appear to be a red verbena Sandi - there have been several award winners in recent years especially Superbena Red. Lovely shot - I've not grown it so I'm interested to know how it turns out.
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05/18/20 11:24 PM GMT
Love the red, so the rest of the arrangement must be just beautiful.
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05/19/20 6:12 AM GMT
What a gorgeous bunch, Sandi.
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05/19/20 3:58 PM GMT
Nice use of fore and background blur. Haven't seen these whimsically shaped flowers before.
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