Totem Rock  

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Uploaded: 05/21/23 11:30 AM GMT
Totem Rock
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This was on the very challenging hiking trail we did while In southern Indiana. This was only a 5 mile hike, but it was a difficult one, very steep, lots of jumping over streams, and hiking up gullies that were mucky! We gave ourselves a high five afterwards. Took this with my phone and edited in snapseed. Most of my phone pictures are straight from the phone, but trying more editing and I'm trying not to overwork the pics. That path you see in front of the rock is the hiking path. :) I appreciate your comments, thanks! Tigs=^..^=


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05/21/23 11:44 AM GMT
Sandi, due to my fysical condition now, I can't do such a hike anymore.
But your beautiful capture enables me to enjoy the scene yet. Not only a hike but an adventure as well. For this result I'll give you a symbolic 'high five'. Kudos. S+F of course, 👍 !
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05/21/23 3:04 PM GMT
Terrific angle to the outcrop of the rock ledge. You did a great job on this. So glad you can still hike and take advantage of the beauty around you.
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05/21/23 3:10 PM GMT
Excellent shot Tigs - That trail looks very challenging - Good for you - You did it!!!!!!
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05/21/23 3:43 PM GMT
This reminds me of the area of southern Illinois my husband lived in when he was young. In particular "Garden of the Gods" - many rock outcroppings like this - Kudos on a great shot and the hike to get this!
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05/22/23 3:02 PM GMT
Tigs, I saw this shot last week on Facebook and was reminded of Starved Rock State Park. I can't believe that you hiked 5 miles and still had the strength to hold up the camera for this wonderful shot.
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