Determination & Diligence  

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Uploaded: 06/17/06 12:53 AM GMT
Determination & Diligence
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I've been working on this image since Monday, and now it is Saturday. First I tried rendering it at 4000x3000 resolution, but it would have taken a week to render anyway. Then after two crashes attempting to render on my other computer, I decided just to render at 1600x1200. Curves adjusted in Photoshop. Please be easy on me. This image has worn me out. Please, if you want to use one of my gallery images, ask.


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06/17/06 2:34 PM GMT
You could have named this "On golden pond" as well... I love the bright, sun-induced shade of the water. The haziness over the mountain range adds a dreamy effect, but also mutes out detail and causes a bit of wash out.

I know how frustrating it is to work endlessly on an image and feel like you haven't quite accomplished what you set out to do... but overall, I think this is a lovely landscape that will make an enjoyable desktop for many.
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"The promise of tomorrow is not a guarantee, so I shall live for today and live for me." -- Smoosh
06/17/06 3:22 PM GMT
Beautiful Atmosphere Tim! Well done my friend.
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06/17/06 10:50 PM GMT
nice bright colors
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06/18/06 3:18 AM GMT
Your hard work is indeed not a waste. Very realastic this one is.
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06/18/06 4:59 PM GMT
Well worth your effort! My favorite area is the golden hued water from that glowing sun.The land jutting out from the right, has a nice effect with the different shadings. I gave this high marks in the voting booth. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back :))
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07/29/06 1:33 PM GMT
This image caught my eye, and now that I look at it closely it reminds me of backpacking in the Rocky Mountains: good memories! Nice job. --Justine
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