Artificial Cloning Birth  

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Uploaded: 04/14/05 8:49 PM GMT
Artificial Cloning Birth
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The fractal I got here was mixed with another on ressembling a foetus. It made me think at first at some king of candles, but then I imagine an artifical matrice bearing the foetus I'd made earlier, so here is my idea of an Artificial Cloning birth. Let me know what you think about this.


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04/14/05 9:12 PM GMT
Weird!!! I love it... Never seen anything like it..
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04/14/05 10:25 PM GMT
Great work.. very creative.... lovely colours and style.. looks like glass... beautiful... well done
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04/15/05 2:06 PM GMT
Incredible, very nice fractal again
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04/15/05 3:33 PM GMT
Nice - and unique, too. Good work!
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04/16/05 6:39 AM GMT
Agree with does have a glassy look, but I also see the birth theme you were referring to...very creative.:Pat.
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04/19/05 8:30 PM GMT
Dark, intense. Very different from your other work. I like it. It shows another side of you. Very cool. High marks from me. :) Sarah
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08/04/05 4:31 AM GMT
This looks great!! Greatk job on this one!! Great colors also!
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11/11/05 6:50 PM GMT
I like the droplets but I think the rest of it makes it look much much too busy. It distracts from the pretty droplets....
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