Marvels Under Sea  

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Uploaded: 05/12/05 1:05 AM GMT
Marvels Under Sea
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Here are some of thewonders hiding Under the deepest Ocean. Alien world that we can't see unless we go inside a fractal programm and create it! Let me know your impressions about this!:0))!


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05/12/05 1:58 AM GMT
I do love your undersea creations.. They are so lovely and so much fun to look into.. This one is gorgeous..Love the colors and all the creatures I am going to look for. I know they are there..
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05/12/05 2:48 AM GMT
Hm this reminds me of a Nautilus shell, PLUS it looks like little clouds too. The colours are so rich..and then that little bit of pink laced thru the blue..well, as usuall..this is so great!!
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Simplicity is Elegance...Thoreau
05/12/05 2:51 AM GMT
Definately looks under the sea... lovely colour and fractal.... well done
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05/12/05 5:02 PM GMT
Definately looks like a clear ocean to me :D
A clear, tropical ocean complete with coral made of glittering diamonds...beautiful design.
Another 10+++++, well done!
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/12/05 5:32 PM GMT
Somehow, just by looking through the thumbnails, I know when the pic is one of yours. Maybe it's the lovely colors, or the graceful design (never obnoxious), I'm not sure...but you have a style that is all your own and quite wonderful!!!
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05/17/05 7:14 PM GMT
I'm very impressed. (But what's new - most of your work is impressive.) Nice job!
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07/25/05 5:27 AM GMT
Very good! I like this and especially since in its in my favorite color.
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07/30/05 5:22 PM GMT
I think this is great! What program did you use?? This made it into my favorites.
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08/21/05 8:31 PM GMT
Simply marvelous! I love this pic! Blue is one of my favorite colors. You are truely an awesome creator of pictures.
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10/30/06 10:11 PM GMT
I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go look in my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ha Ha! I love it when you call me weird! Tell me something I don't know!
02/05/18 10:04 PM GMT
I miss your gorgeous creations,
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