The Trees With Labyrinths  

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Uploaded: 09/11/06 2:57 AM GMT
The Trees With Labyrinths
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The Trees With Labyrinths ------ I had some free time during my travel, in trains, so I sketched this wallpaper with black pen, then scanned and finalized in Photoshop. Enjoy! ------ More resolutions at ------ Thanks!


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09/11/06 3:39 AM GMT
sweet pic... 10/10
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Try not to take life to seriously, you'll never make it out alive.
09/11/06 10:34 AM GMT
Very lovely presentation and great ligthing. Well done.
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"Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come, instead of how far you think you have to go." I'm always happy to see you at My Gallery. I appreciate all of you. Thanks, Anita
09/11/06 5:20 PM GMT
wow now this is cool
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Jacky Treehorn treats objects like women. -The Dude
09/12/06 10:53 PM GMT
Hi Vlad! Your number one fan here! I am thrilled to see something new from you! WONDERFUL, absolutely gorgeous colors! As always....perfection and magic! Terri/MM
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SORRY I AM INFREQUENT VIEWING/COMMENTING! I have many things going on that are keeping me off the pc...
09/15/06 8:07 PM GMT
I love this! It is the one I chose for my desktop. Very interesting design.
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09/17/06 8:53 PM GMT
Terrific. Really letting the art in you out. I like it.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
09/28/06 3:33 AM GMT
Beautifully unusual. A unique and striking piece!
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10/07/06 3:46 PM GMT
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12/03/06 3:34 AM GMT
Awesome! As always. You are, by far and away, my favourite artist of the moment. This has just the colours I'm looking for. Thankyou.
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12/27/06 10:33 AM GMT
jumped directly into my favourites...
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
02/03/07 6:08 AM GMT
very nice, it works very well as a desktop. did you add the color in photoshop?
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I hold it true that thoughts are things; They're endowed with bodies, breath and wings: And that we send them forth to fill the world with good results, or ill. That which we call our secret thought speeds forth to earth's remotest spot, leaving it's blessings or it's woes like tracks behind it as it goes. We build our future, thought by thought for good or for ill, yet know it not. Yet so the universe was wrought . Thought is another name for fate. Choose then thy destiny and wait, for Love brings Love and Hate brings Hate. - Henry Van Dyke.
05/04/07 3:29 AM GMT
Pretty awesome. The photoshop work is seamless. Nice job.
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There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who speak binary and those who don't. -mw
07/02/07 5:44 PM GMT
This is my favorite of yours. Very nice stuff all-around! I love your style!
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09/21/07 5:30 PM GMT
Amazing work..another into my favs.
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Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it.. My signatures, wallpapers, avatars and other graphics can be found HERE
01/12/08 5:11 PM GMT
How do you come up with such great ideas? gahh, i love it!

Your work reminds me of the cover for OneRepublic's album.
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Check out my Gallery
04/21/09 4:23 PM GMT
i have all lovely vlad pieces.
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08/14/09 4:32 PM GMT
I enjoy the textures of color! It reminds me of the southwest, something you might see in Arizona.
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10/10/11 4:23 PM GMT
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