Low Riser  

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Uploaded: 11/05/07 3:14 PM GMT
Low Riser
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I spent last week going out every morning before sunrise and caught this goose taking off. There are ducks in the background, too. Thanks to PJ for her help cloning out a tiny bit of smoke from a fire back on the horizon.


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11/05/07 4:22 PM GMT
Such a beautiful moment this represents. Gorgeous colors and the goose is a bounus. P.j. Is so very willing to help out other members too. Thanks to both of you for this lovely work.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
11/05/07 5:05 PM GMT
It a great image Hilda, and I love the colour too
However it's not a natural pic, and it's in the wrong gallery.
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November the 5th is Guy Fawkes night !! Watch out Flossies still about !! :o) See my old 35mm gallery here
11/05/07 5:17 PM GMT
Simple and beautiful..lovely colours :)
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"Everyone has a photographic memory...some just don't have film." ~~My DA Gallery~~
11/05/07 7:30 PM GMT
Love it, the colour is so soft and the goose just adds a special touch.
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11/05/07 8:32 PM GMT
I love this image - it reminds of the scenes from the beginning of "The Notebook". Beautiful capture - thanks for sharing.
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She was the still point of the turning world.
11/05/07 10:16 PM GMT
Breathtaken scene and capture with Lovely color and light.
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11/05/07 11:25 PM GMT
*bonks Flossman over the head* Of course it's a natural scene. All I did was clone out some smoke that was irritating over in the corner. Hilda's done an excellent job of capturing this gorgeous sunrise.

♫ 005 PJ ♫

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"I never looked for it, gave it no name; yet I knew it always, when the gift of peace came. I stood quite still for the moment that it lasted...Then the light shifted slightly and the moment passed, leaving me...with the lasting echo of its presence.." Diana Gabaldon
11/05/07 11:42 PM GMT
We can always count on PJ to go around putting out fires Hilda! lol Beautiful shot my friend! Awesome colors and the goose and ducks are a nice bonus! C):-)
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THE CAMERA'S ONLY JOB is to get out of the way of making photographs. It's entirely an artist's eye, patience, and skill that makes an image. ~Ken Rockwell VISIT MY GALLERY
11/05/07 11:52 PM GMT
Beautiful color, and so serene. I love this, Hilda, it goes straight to my HD and I hope I get in the VB.
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
11/06/07 1:33 AM GMT
A lovely image....goes in my Favorites:)
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11/06/07 2:28 AM GMT
Stunning colors and nice with the bird too.
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11/06/07 5:10 AM GMT
WOW this is a great shot gets such lovely colors in early morning and air is usually very is also very quiet at this time in morning...This is fantastic shot!!...gerry
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"The more we come in contact with animals, and observe their behaviour, the more we love them, for we see how great is their care for their young." - philosopher Immanuel Kant
11/06/07 7:17 AM GMT
WOW this is absolutely gorgeous Hilda. I salute you for your dedication getting up every morning to get the shot but it was well well worth it. That goose flying across the frame just makes it, wonderful wonderful work.
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"Whatever you're interested in, go for it. You can only find your voice if you're not intimidated by doing stuff that's been done before." Alec Soth
11/06/07 9:57 AM GMT
So calm and beautiful. Very nice capture!
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11/06/07 7:21 PM GMT
Absolutely stunning Hilda! I don't know how much more natural you can get - any smoke would have rendered less so I think! ~Mary~
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Thanks to all the great Caedesians for your help and kind advice. Please visit my Image Gallery
11/07/07 2:21 AM GMT
~ Wonderful it!
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~Seek the wonder of every day~ ***** My Gallery
11/07/07 2:31 PM GMT
thta is wel god well done keep up da good work well fdone :)
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who would think that someone my age would be able to proudce souch good work check it out My Gallery
11/07/07 4:21 PM GMT
Lovely light and great silhouetting. I like this color of sunrise.
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You will be led to the knowledge of the internal things which are invisible to you, by the external things which you see before you. . . . Even so then, we can represent to ourselves in thought the Author of all that is, by contemplating and admiring the (visible) things which He has made, and ever brings into being. - Hermes
11/08/07 1:10 AM GMT
Fantabulous shot. The bird over the water is the icing on the cake.
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01/04/08 8:14 PM GMT
instant 10 and desktop photo to admire over and over. thanks.
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without a sense of humor, I'd have no sense at all.

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