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Uploaded: 09/12/06 9:31 PM GMT
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locust found in the forest. there were more than one and they were making these strange clicking sounds..mating calls possibly.


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09/12/06 10:00 PM GMT
Wow! You captured a fine image here, Verity. Great detail, design and color. The angle of your subject works well in the composition. A little manip in the background would hide the tilt of the horizon, although because of the gorgeous subject, it is barely noticeable. Overall, a pretty cool shot. I'm jealous.
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09/12/06 10:19 PM GMT
Great macro. Full of clarity and great color. Very well done.
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09/13/06 12:01 AM GMT
I wish I could do that with my I wouldn't even be able to see it if the macro here wasn't as crisp as it's amazing. They really are quite colorful, I hate to say, and destructive, as I remember in swarms...let's hope he's not TOO successful if those are mating calls you're hearing :( The contrasts are stark and can be seen most readily with all the markings. I have to agree with Cyberbod that the whole photo would be better served if the background were blurred as much as possible, so that you wouldn't be able to see that horizon tilt..but I'm not complaining..excellent job :)PJ
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09/13/06 12:18 AM GMT
Wonderful clarity and color. The background is disorienting and thus distracts from the subject. You could blur it down to unrecognizability or replace it all together. It would be worth the effort because the insect is so impressive.
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09/13/06 4:28 AM GMT that's a closeup. Great shot. The clicking sound? They are wind up toys.
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09/13/06 5:10 AM GMT
I was so impressed with the color and clarity on this lil' critter that I didn't even notice the background until I took a closer look. A great shot Verity! Brava!!
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09/13/06 9:26 AM GMT
Excellent macro ... the detail & clarity is amazing.
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09/13/06 10:19 AM GMT
Mother of all Macros! Outstanding!
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09/14/06 2:06 AM GMT
An amazing photo Verity. I love the colors, the patter on the grasshopper, the color of the day, it's all beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
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09/19/06 9:18 AM GMT
It amazes me how close you got, the details are beautiful...Good job grasshopper.LOL...Kat
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10/10/06 4:54 PM GMT
wow yet another, just as amazing as the photo of the little bee and the leaf Great work!
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10/10/06 9:49 PM GMT
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10/18/06 12:14 AM GMT
wow, you have alot of great macros in your gallery, this tops them all. this is probably the best grasshopper macro i've ever seen. it would be nice to see the ends of the feet i think, but what detail!
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11/16/06 10:11 AM GMT
Great macro. Full of clarity and great color. Very well done.
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06/05/09 10:46 PM GMT
I love this insect now b/c of the beauty you brought out!
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10/13/09 10:42 AM GMT
this is a cool photo. the DOF is spot on
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Nick :)
08/09/11 11:19 PM GMT
An utterly Fantastic capture... Congratulations!
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03/19/16 3:58 PM GMT
stunning clarity.
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