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Uploaded: 03/13/05 11:17 AM GMT
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Was messing with an animation.. really liked the outcome, so i rendered a full-size version.. hope you all enjoy.. please comment and vote



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03/13/05 1:03 PM GMT
I like it. The colours and reflections are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
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03/13/05 9:21 PM GMT
This is a fine piece of work. Simple lathe, yet elegant. Excellent lighting as well.
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03/14/05 12:36 AM GMT
I just like the picture, i don't know these 'complicated' photo terms...Nice Image (^.^)
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03/15/05 7:38 AM GMT
i like the still better than the animation, you can see every detail without distortion. the background is simple, (dusky 'heather colours' :P) and i love the shape and smootheness of the orby thingy in the middle.
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03/17/05 8:48 PM GMT
ty all for the wonderful comments :)
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04/10/05 3:35 AM GMT
quite realistic, nice
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04/13/05 5:49 PM GMT
Another great piece. Once more the relections and overall design are great. Awesome....
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05/05/05 2:14 AM GMT
Love it ! looks like you could reach out and touch it ! The colors and the lighting are very complimentary.
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05/07/05 1:20 AM GMT
That's a great image Dj. Awesome! =0)
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10/22/06 7:05 PM GMT
Very Cool Bryce work Dj, Really like the water and the sky reflections on the Object.
Very well done!!
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07/27/08 10:35 PM GMT
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09/10/11 7:57 PM GMT
Superb piece of art work, top marks and well done.
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