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Uploaded: 09/07/05 8:26 PM GMT
Shirt 1
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First try with the shirt contest. Be gentle.



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09/07/05 8:48 PM GMT
Hhhmmmmmmmmm verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice! Simple, elegant...beautiful glowing colours...nice all the way 'round....
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09/07/05 11:54 PM GMT
I like the blues in this. The looks much better w/o the "www" with it. I like this, but... does it come in white ;)
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09/08/05 12:19 AM GMT
i like this and i agree about comming in white and the cades icon could even be offered in red. or various colors.
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09/08/05 12:21 AM GMT
Great shirt! The fractal is a wonderful way to "colour" the spider, and it fits perfectly! Well done!
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09/08/05 1:52 AM GMT
Just love this shirt, i would by one (if) the spider were a little smaller. Dwight.
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09/08/05 2:32 AM GMT
Great idea. Purely for the sake of thinking this could be better, I think the logo would look better horizontally across the chest instead of vertically and I'm not sure about the fractal work as a decal, only because bigger decals with a lot of color tend to wear easily ^.^ I do like it though
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09/08/05 4:34 PM GMT
I do like this.. Love the flame in the spider.. Like the logo vertical on the front... Horizontal would enhance things, I would rather not..
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One bead at a time..
09/09/05 2:25 AM GMT
Hmmm... there is something about the logo on the front that doesn't quite work for me. I think it's too large, or maybe not in quite the right spot? I like the spider fractal, but personally I have never liked shirts with large images on the back. That isn't to say they aren't popular, after all there are plenty of them around, but I just prefer the designs to be on the front, and more subtle.
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09/18/05 1:15 AM GMT
The design on the back is well thouhght out. But th one on the front is a little to large for my tast.
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09/21/05 8:50 PM GMT
Congratulations for placing on the T shirt contest.
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Kimberly Bramlett
09/21/05 9:07 PM GMT
Congrats for the win on you design!
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
09/26/05 11:45 AM GMT
Freaken awesome!!!!!!!! Love it love it love it!!
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09/27/05 9:52 PM GMT
congrats on placing in the contest...nice design...i'd wear it
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04/11/06 3:44 AM GMT
Like some already said great idea putting the fractal in the spider very well done and keep it up
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Keep your eyes open there will always be a challenge to tackle
05/08/06 12:45 AM GMT
dude if ya ever decide to get that printed get us one il be a sure buyer + nice work on it
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07/27/08 10:33 PM GMT
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