Magic Lantern  

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Uploaded: 05/04/10 5:21 AM GMT
Magic Lantern
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.......... ? Perhaps I should have mentioned sooner, this is a light bulb. ?
The purple background is a desktop wall paper on my computer monitor. The rest is an extreme closeup of a 40 watt appliance light bulb. The only editing was some spot removal and pumping the saturation up ( alot! ).


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05/04/10 5:41 AM GMT
It seem to have it all David Great prospective, good color, nice composition a job well done.
Saved and faved.

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05/04/10 2:00 PM GMT
I have no idea how You came up with the image - but it looks like it was one wild weekend David. Very unique.
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Life is a Constant Audition
05/04/10 2:08 PM GMT
I love it. I think it looks sort of like a light bulb. Great work. I think it is a winner.
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05/04/10 3:14 PM GMT
Gorgeous shot, and very artistic. It almost looks like an abstract.
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05/04/10 5:57 PM GMT
A very good picture David interresting and well taken save and Fav.

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05/04/10 9:21 PM GMT

Wonderful clarity of the bottle neck. Very interesting shot with extreme colors. Have no idea how you did that. Time to cut back on your intake of LSD. :-)

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05/05/10 12:39 AM GMT
Whoa! I very much enjoy your experiments, DP! This capture is electrifying, and I'm really diggin the highly saturated effect, and the semi-transparent elements! Excellent work! Faved.
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*Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams*
05/05/10 1:53 AM GMT
Nice experimentation on the lighting. Very well done and it appeared beautiful.
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"Tis the sunset of life gives me mystical lore, And coming events cast their shadows before."
05/05/10 10:20 AM GMT
Excellent concept, I like it. Excellent focus & colours.
Will have to give this a go myself, Great pic :))
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05/05/10 11:02 PM GMT
Ohhh this is awesome!! I had no clue what it was til I read your commentary.The glass part actually reminded me of the top of a bottle. I love your idea and the colours are wicked good!!
Thanx for something simple but very unique!! Verena
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05/09/10 10:44 AM GMT
Fantastic work! I knew it's a light bulb, I wonder how you captured this? Probably very fast shutter speed? Anyway this is a very unique image and you have captured it wonderfully. Well done.
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If "Ignorance is bliss", why should we seek knowledge?
05/09/10 7:52 PM GMT
Thank you for the complements Prashanth. The trick to this was to put the light bulb on a dimmer switch to make the filament glow red instead of being white hot. This also allowed the background to show up as something other than just black as it would with a very fast shutter speed.
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