Bright one  

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Uploaded: 03/19/11 7:10 PM GMT
Bright one
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Some exaggerated post work makes this little guy stand out. I can't get this close to these guys even with a 200mm lens so the shot is lacking clarity due to being heavily cropped.

This shot seems a little humorous to me. How about you?


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03/19/11 8:23 PM GMT
David, I'm not sure what kind of bird this little guy is, but I have trouble getting within range of most birds. There was a red-tailed hawk that was chasing some prey and got splattered by a car. He allowed me to get very close, but he was also roadkill; so that probably doesn't count.

One again I applaud your imagination at coming up with anything but typical postings. I fear that the dreaded C-Index will not be kind to you, which I know is a major concern. LOL

Very nice post photo work. I would think that you might be able to approach your subjects just a bit closer if you ease off the car wax that you use on your bald head. :-)

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03/19/11 11:37 PM GMT
You got high mark from me {in voting booth :) !
I love the sharpness of your tiny lil bird and the softness
of background and color. PERFECT desktop image, in my opinion. Love it!
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03/20/11 5:42 AM GMT
I thought he was a seed pod, David and part of the vegetation until you mentioned that he's a bird. He seems to be staring right at you. It is nicely cropped for good composition.
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03/20/11 8:37 AM GMT
very nicely done....Even better would be to crop out most of the surrounding background to pull it closer!

great post!.
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03/20/11 2:16 PM GMT
Faved and saved.

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03/24/11 3:53 PM GMT
Good post. But the birdie is too small to make out what it is
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04/13/11 5:13 AM GMT
Great DOF and nice comp.
I think perhaps a little more cropping also - the bird does seem a little lost in the background.
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