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07/22/11 2:27 PM GMT
I didn't structure this poll to allow voters to add their own options. ('Cause you just know that someone (like moi) would have added something silly.)

However, as stated by Chris; aka coram9 on the other respective thread;

"A site primarily to display your artwork" ... best describes his reason.

Feel free to add your own thoughts, if you wish, in a posting/comment here. To keep stuff in one place.
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07/22/11 8:25 PM GMT
I originally came here/found the site because I was looking for wallpapers. And things progressed from there.
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07/26/11 9:19 AM GMT
I came here originally to view the beautiful art work.. got hooked on it and had the urge to learn how to do it myself.. improve in photography instead of "just a snapshot" and learn how to make fractals.. and along the way made some lifelong friendships
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