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Real Name:
Jewan Runhaar
Enschede, Holland 
1983 (35 years) 
08/16/03 10:11 PM GMT04/10/18 10:35 AM GMT 

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Sunflowers at sunset by 40897, Photography->Flowers gallery A cloudy day on the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse, Austria by 40897, contests->curves gallery The wavy lines of Tuscany by 40897, contests->curves gallery
Sunflowers at sunset A cloudy day on the Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse, Austria The wavy lines of Tuscany


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01/26/04 12:37 AM GMT
I was just wondering what the significance of your username is. Does it represent anything important?
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I have seen hell. Not of demons fire and brimstone but in the immorality of the dwellers of twisted cement and steel.
01/26/04 1:57 PM GMT
Is my former student number. So it doesn't represent anything really. I just got used to it and use it a lot in online-discussions etc..
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01/26/04 8:00 PM GMT
Hey that's cool.
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I have seen hell. Not of demons fire and brimstone but in the immorality of the dwellers of twisted cement and steel.
03/03/04 12:00 AM GMT
Thanks for your message on Castelo de Vide ;)
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'house music play with your soul'
05/19/04 7:20 AM GMT
Thanks Jewan for your words on«Waterproof».
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Look around and catch it !
05/20/04 9:38 PM GMT
thanks for your comments on "ponderance" and "turning point".. i appreciate it ;]
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
06/08/04 5:53 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Excuse Me". I appreciate your thoughts:-)
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06/08/04 6:33 PM GMT
Thank you for the nice comment on (Lakeside Splendor), Jewan. I'm glad you liked it~
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~My select image - Summer Magic
06/16/04 9:10 AM GMT
Hey, thanks for the comment on Light1.1 -- You're right about the serif font, but I think it may just be the way the font is rendered in the graphics editor... Georgia should be perfect in the final page, trust me ;-)
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Fiat Lux
06/16/04 10:30 AM GMT
He Tristan, I just don't like serf fonts on smooth webpages like that. I think they call for sans-serif. But hey, it's your design and I like it the way it is..
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:: Time is what keeps everything from happening at once ::
08/30/05 5:43 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on the indian girl.
You're quite right about the flash, I found it very annoying when I saw it later. I had no idea the flash went of. But it was the spur of the moment.
Tried to manipulate it later with Adobe, it didn't work , have you any suggestions??
Agnes P.
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08/30/05 8:49 AM GMT
Thanks for stopping by at "Common Blue2". :D
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Please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
09/11/05 6:57 PM GMT
Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn flash probleem, ik probeerde het met "rode ogen"correctie maar dat geeft niet het juist effect.Agnes P.
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10/23/05 2:06 PM GMT
Hi Jewan,
glad that Happy horse (I) made you laugh!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
04/06/07 12:58 AM GMT
Hi Jewan,
Thanks very much for your nice comment on "Easter!", I do appreciate that a lot,

Have a great Easter,
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To love Interesting mistakes better than Boring successes,-- Me
08/13/08 3:33 PM GMT
Hello Jewan....Many thanks for taking the time to have a look at (DAFFODILS)and for your comments,they are very much appreciated....Here in Cornwall UK at the beginning of the year the fields are full of yellow with these flowers....Thankyou again Jewan....All the best to you....Mick.
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08/13/08 6:21 PM GMT
Hi Jewan, thanks very much for leaving me such a great comment on 'Belle Tout'. That is on the Seven Sisters in Sussex, an undulating series of chalk cliffs. It's very beautiful. I am aiming to walk from one end to the other under the cliffs at some point soon - you can do it at low tide and you walk past three shipwrecks, including a German U Boat. Thanks for your interest.
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"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others merely a green thing which stands in the way." William Blake

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