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11/07/09 5:42 PM GMT
Yet another brand new member at Caedes! :o) Welcome!
I had replaced the image 'Looking Up' which had replaced yet another image. My sense of humour forces me to do this because we are allowed but one entry into these contests. Doing things 'My Way!' gets me three or four entries before the deadline... yes!... only the last one counts! But life is all about enjoying IT!
By the way... if you care to do so... try Edit Profile under Control Panel and fill in some info... like your name (at least some form of your first name)... so you can be properly addressed in these msgs. You can even post an icon for yourself there... you will discover the restrictions when you go there. Warning: The more you get involved here the more you will appreciate Caedes! :o)
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11/08/09 8:00 AM GMT
Many thanks for Fav'ing my image "Umbrellas"; great honor for me!
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11/08/09 8:00 AM GMT
ps Welcome to Caedes, where almost ALL your pictures get archived after a while!
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11/30/09 1:29 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes and thanks for having faved my post.
Much appreciated and glad you liked it.
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12/02/09 6:17 AM GMT

Thanks for the fave on Untitled Abstract 3.

Nathan ;)
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“The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.” - Thomas Hardy
03/24/10 1:04 AM GMT
Hi there,
Thanks for the fave on my 'Neon Tunnel. I've viewed through your favorites and I see that you have a fave on Petronas Twin Tower. I have the same building in my gallery. Just to let you know. Here
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05/21/10 2:21 PM GMT
hey! Thanks for faving SkyBlue. I appreciate it. -Karlyn
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"Tis the sunset of life gives me mystical lore, And coming events cast their shadows before."
08/31/10 10:55 PM GMT
Thanks for adding "Autumn Festival" to your favorites.
— Steve
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01/05/11 6:45 AM GMT
Thanks for the fave on "Calypso".
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"I Love Lab's!"
09/21/11 7:01 PM GMT
Many thanks for taking "Wild eyes" to your faves, I appreciate it a lot!
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09/22/11 4:15 AM GMT
Thank you for adding "Autumn Sunshine" to your favorites! It made my whole day!
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It's the little things in life that make me smile. :0)

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