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America (tennessee) 
1990 (28 years) 
02/29/04 4:10 PM GMT11/13/07 4:26 PM GMT 


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03/12/04 3:16 AM GMT
Thank you for the kind words on Windmills of My Mind. Much appreciated! :)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
03/13/04 4:34 AM GMT
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed Fantasy in Green and Blue
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"Success is getting what you like. Happiness is liking what you get." -anonymous
03/24/04 12:55 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on Abstract Insomnia. Shroom trippy, eh? (Giggle)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
03/26/04 7:29 PM GMT
lol yeah, thanks for noticing, tell mewhen you get new pictures
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04/13/04 4:21 PM GMT
thank you for your for the kind words Collin!^^ very glad you like my work. And also, thank you for puting some in your favorite!^^
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05/17/04 11:46 AM GMT
thank you Collin, for your comments on 'ARC-AN' and 'Scan Ride'. always appreciated^^
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10/22/04 12:49 AM GMT
what can i say, im a fan of cain-abstract
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If i became an evil overlord, one of my advisors would be a average 5 year old child... he owuld deciper and codes i may come up with, if he can solve the cod ein under 30 seconds, the code will not be used....note: the same goes for passwords
07/25/05 10:52 PM GMT
Hi Collin! Welcome to caedes, I like your icon. :)
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"Tall ships and tall kings three times three. What brought they from the founded land over the flowing sea? Seven stars and seven stones, and one white tree."-The Lord of the Rings
10/19/06 3:57 PM GMT
hey collin^^ thanks for your comments, greatly appreciated.

I don''t really hide or put outline of faces in my work though there's a few where i did it on purpose (like ghost station) but it's interesting to know what the viewer see when he look at an abstract^^
I made 'Under Project' three years ago, it seem so long ago, I remember how new and exciting it was to fool around with photoshop... it still is but I suppose the years took away some spontaneity... thank again and by the way... love the new icon^^
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