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Carson City NV. USA 
1993 (25 years) 
11/25/04 12:57 AM GMT02/21/09 1:02 AM GMT 

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The Huntress by Danita, Photography->Manipulation gallery Soft by Danita, Photography->People gallery Colorful Cat! by Danita, Photography->Manipulation gallery
The Huntress Soft Colorful Cat!


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05/26/05 8:06 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Wave. I very much appreciate it.
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07/03/05 2:35 AM GMT
Thank you for your comment on "Poolside".
By the way, its a pool table.
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07/20/05 8:46 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on 'A spiders tale...'. I personally can't see what people find scary of common spiders - they'll be more scared of you and me! But all the same, thanks Danita.
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07/25/05 2:54 AM GMT
Hi Danita - thank you for commenting on "Rough Around The Edges" - much appreciated.
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"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." ~Eudora Welty~
07/29/05 11:37 PM GMT
Hi Danita, many thanks to you for liking and commenting on "In the Spotlight"! I really appreciated it and hope you stop by for another visit! I would enjoy that! Sincerely, Marilyn
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07/31/05 1:24 PM GMT
thank you for your kind comment on house of fun very much appreciated
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08/02/05 7:07 PM GMT
Hay dani look at at this!!!!
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"As if there was only one last golden day of peace with Ron, and Hermione." ~ J.K. Rowling
08/03/05 10:18 AM GMT
Hi Danita. Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment on 'Summertime'. You are welcome!!! :-)
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08/03/05 11:53 PM GMT
Hey. Thanks for the comment on ' A Day Like Today' .. I've gotten behind on posting pictures but im going to start posting alot. I just posted a new picture - ' Empty Promises ' .. Please Comment & Criticize
-- Tiffany
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08/07/05 11:44 PM GMT
Hello Danita. In answer to your question I switched from Windows XP to Mac some time ago, due mainly to problems I was having with service pack 2 and numerous viruses. Personally I think Mac is more stable and you can get just about all the fostware you can get on a PC nowadays.If you are just starting out you have an advantage as you don't have to adjust to the transition from one system to a new one. Good luck whichever you decide upon!
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09/17/05 2:37 PM GMT
Glad you liked the 'masks, waiting'. Took it during a backstage tour by a friend. Pretty amazing!
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09/19/05 10:37 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on my "Desert Sunset." I appreciate it.
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11/11/05 8:31 PM GMT
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"Weasle" "Weasle" ~ WeasleG
12/05/05 1:11 AM GMT
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01/09/06 3:17 AM GMT
Hi Danita...its so nice to meet you and I thank you for the warm comments on "Cocoon" It was really easy to make....I took two Apophysis images blended them together in Photoshop....if you would like to learn some of the techniques used by others...there is a great set of tutorials here and if you need info on what programs to use go here
Thanks again :)

Science officer's station
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-"The needs of the many,outweigh the needs of the few or the one".-Spock
02/13/06 1:02 AM GMT
Why thank you.
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"Weasle" "Weasle" ~ WeasleG "Yeah I'm odd" very odd odd . . . . . . . . . . . . . ODD! SO ODD THAT I'M ODD!
02/16/06 8:19 PM GMT
Yes you Moohahahahahaha!
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"Weasle" "Weasle" ~ WeasleG "Yeah I'm odd" very odd odd . . . . . . . . . . . . . ODD! SO ODD THAT I'M ODD!
03/27/06 10:20 AM GMT
Greeting Danita, Thanks for visiting my "Delicate Two" manip. . glad you liked it. . I created it for my own desktop. . so I am honoured its on yours. . Best Amida
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This Moment - Wonderful Moment!
09/08/06 8:25 AM GMT
Thanks, yeah if you look at the original at my site, you'll see that the colours are a bit washed out, and not how I remember it when i was there in person (all due to the camera being not very good). So I tried to edit the picture to how I remember the colours and I think it's quite close now.
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12/21/06 10:31 PM GMT
hey danita thanks for your comment on "drops of gold".. all my water shots were taken in my kitchen sink.. I think of the type of splash I want and simply take a series of photos.. then on the computer i look through them and if there's one I like, i attempt to make an image out of it. ;]
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