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04/20/04 8:45 PM GMT
Thank You for Your coment!!
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05/05/04 4:19 AM GMT
Welcome to Thank you for taking the time to comment on Cobweb. Much appreciated.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
05/10/04 5:31 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Love Snail!
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Ars longaaaaa, vita brevis... Nicky
05/11/04 5:58 AM GMT
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05/14/04 8:15 AM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to look at and comment on Roll on Down. Much appreciated.
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never give up
05/18/04 2:56 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment
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05/22/04 7:23 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Night in the Valley Special Edition"; Partial credit goes to CaptainHero for that particular version.

And also thanks for your nice comment on "Phuket Bay"...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
05/27/04 6:05 AM GMT
Thank you for the kind words on (peony).Very much appreciated,Etone.
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carpe diem.
06/17/04 6:34 AM GMT
Glad you liked "Just a soap bubble", Etone - thanks for your kind comment :-)
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07/19/04 3:53 PM GMT
thanks for your nice comment on "bird of paradise". i appreciate you looking at it.
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jem184 "just let the sun shine in!"
10/10/04 4:10 AM GMT
thanks for the comment on God's finding truth. Glad you liked it! Appreicate the support.
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-Graceless intrusion... Are you sanctified in your judgment of me? -Someone else's fate We are deciding (abortion) -I can see much clearor now I that I'm blind -I used to think death was the end -John Petrucci ...†Carpe Diem†... My lonely image: The Eye of the Beholder's Cousin
10/10/04 5:25 AM GMT
Thank you very much for the nice comments on "These Hands"...I really appreciate the feedback. : Pat.
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"Thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its' wings but cannot fly". ~ Kahlil Gibran.
10/15/04 10:49 PM GMT
Hello I just wanted to say thank you for your comments about "For You". I'm very pleased you like it.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
11/11/04 3:26 AM GMT
Thank you for the comment on "Electrical Fixation", Etone:-)
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11/16/04 12:28 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment.
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-those who hit rock bottom are too concerned with self pity to realize that they are lying on an anvil- Psalm 66:10, Job 10:8
11/17/04 1:37 AM GMT
Hi Etone, I really appreciate your kind comments on Spirit of the Marsh. You are correct...a great Blue Heron. I took this almost as an afterthought because Great Blue Herons are pretty common around here. But the light and shadows where he was standing really brought out the detail in his plumage. Thanks for stopping by!
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02/02/05 10:22 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Lumanent Orb."
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Of all the things I've lost in life...I miss my mind the most.
05/30/05 2:58 PM GMT
Thank you Etone for your nice comments on Forest Green for fotobob...I am very glad you enjoyed it...your profile doesn't indicate where you in Ontario, Canada we have many parks, ravines, forest land etc. to enjoy...perhaps you might visit our country some time...tks again.:Pat.
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Join me and Let's Talk.
11/19/05 1:55 PM GMT
Hello Etone. I'm glad that you took the time to view my Mini Mushroom image. I appreciate your nice comments. The mushroom is about 1/2" tall.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
12/09/05 8:43 PM GMT
Thanks etone...for lookin at my winter flowers..
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