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1985 (33 years) 
11/16/05 3:31 AM GMT03/04/08 1:33 AM GMT 


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11/16/05 3:58 AM GMT
Hi, welcome to Caedes Gaujo. Thank you for the kind opinion you left on "Forest Observer 2". Have a good time here;-)
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11/16/05 6:21 AM GMT
Yes, it is real. It was an unbelievable sight that morning. I was standing in the middle of a clear cut and this fog came in for about 20 minutes and left again. Thank you for commenting on "Vector":)
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11/16/05 12:03 AM GMT
Thaks for visiting my"Solitude Revised ". You are wrong about the retouching. The only rework hat was done was to remove a sign posted on one of the trees.Unless you have ever been to the southwest and seen the "Magical lighting" that we have here, you will never understand the beauty of this lighting.
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Annie and I invite you to visit our website. Photography is not a trade - it is an art. It is more that an art. It is a solar phenomenon, where the artist collaborates with the sun. deLamartine 1855
11/16/05 1:47 PM GMT
thanks for your comments of "chapuzon", I hope you enjoyed your coke!!!!
have a good day!!
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
11/16/05 2:19 PM GMT
Thanks, Gaujo, for stopping in at "under the pier". Many have said they would prefer this image centered. I hope you still enjoyed it.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
11/16/05 2:40 PM GMT
Hello Gaujo, thank you very much for your comment on Swiss Majesty (Rework). I'm glad you liked it that much! ;)
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Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink... drink in the moments that take your breath away.
11/16/05 3:27 PM GMT
hey , thx for the comments on some of my macro pic , always appreciated.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
11/16/05 3:48 PM GMT
Hey there, Glad see you again in "now what??, its cool you like it!!!
have a good day!!! :)
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“Suspiros etereos se abrazan con un beso eterno” Enjoy My Gallery
11/16/05 4:44 PM GMT
Hello. 'Cliffs of Etretat' was taken with an argentic camera and scanned for the upload. That's why it's grainy. I was unhappy with that old scanner.....
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11/16/05 5:29 PM GMT
hey thanks for the comment on "blazing wings".. glad you liked it ;]
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11/17/05 7:52 AM GMT
Thanks for all your comments on koringkriek! He is about the size of your thumb (4cm - 5cm). They are harmless, but they are known to eat their own kind if there are not enough plants to eat. They are part of the grasshopper family and can be quite a pest as there can be millions of them at one time. The roads get full of them as they come and feast on the ones that got ran over. They can't fly either. No wings like the grasshopper.
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11/18/05 3:06 PM GMT
Hi Jarris...welcome to caedes and thank you for taking a moment to comment on An Air of Mystery...glad it caught your eye and that despite the graininess you enjoyed the image.:Pat.
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FEAR is a darkroom where negatives develop.
11/18/05 7:48 PM GMT
thanks for stopping at "hoverfly."
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Please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
11/19/05 3:37 PM GMT
Thanks Jarris for your comment on Sail boats . BTW... welcome to caedes! It's nice to see someone else from NC here ;)
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It is never to late to be what you might have been. - George Eliot
11/22/05 4:47 AM GMT
Thanks for the comments on Ginza! It is one shot with a Sigma lens that I bought in Tokyo. Good reccomendation on cleaning up the halo. I wanted to post it as is to show the raw massive computer image manipulation as is seen often here. The true art, get the shot clean and let it be judged on its photographic merits. Anyone with a little training can manipulate an image.
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There is a reason they put an "off" button on these things, you know...

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