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Luke Avery
1986 (32 years) 
11/03/03 4:17 PM GMT05/23/07 5:01 PM GMT 

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The Sand Sea by Georf, Photography->Landscape gallery The Butterfly by Georf, photography->butterflies gallery Ripples by Georf, abstract gallery
The Sand Sea The Butterfly Ripples


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01/29/04 10:43 PM GMT
Hi Luke, ur profile is no longer empty......he hee, thanx for commenting on 'plexus' ur words r too kind. although u've been here 4 a while...welcome to the site. & i will be back another time to chk out ur pics. : )
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Henceforth forever more says the man in the yellow button = {D
02/20/04 1:31 PM GMT
thanx for the website i mean i am only 13 but i will figure it out i hope
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We are fragile. We dissolve in immensity like salt in water.-Adam Roberts
02/20/04 4:48 PM GMT
YO, this programs sweat thanks
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We are fragile. We dissolve in immensity like salt in water.-Adam Roberts
03/12/04 3:40 AM GMT
where's Sheffield?i've never heard of it
then geogrophy's never been my strong suit
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--------"May the soul of the emperor rain mousetraps on your head forever." --Daniel Stephens * "Eagles may fly, but weasles don't get sucked into jet intakes." --Jonathan McDowell-------
03/15/04 2:53 PM GMT
It's in England, just over half way up the island, roughly on a level with Manchester and the top of Wales (the bit that sticks out on the western side), and it's in the middle of the country as you go east-west. Hope that helps.
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What the heck is a Georf anyway? Answers on a postcard...
09/07/05 2:16 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Icing.. I am glad you liked it..
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One bead at a time..
09/07/05 9:07 PM GMT
Hi luke, thanx for the comment u left on my work' logic & proportion', i made a reply on the page regarding the focus, it was just my lack of understanding the camera which resulted in a out of focus picture, but since then i have figured out a wee bit more :~)
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Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!!
09/13/05 7:53 PM GMT
Hello Luke, thanks for visiting WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN, and for your constructive words, they help.
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11/10/05 12:25 AM GMT
Thanks a lot for the comment on "Siphon" - it's very much appreciated...
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