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Real Name:
Mike Hernandez
Murrysville, PA 
1992 (26 years) 
07/03/06 4:05 PM GMT12/04/08 10:32 PM GMT 

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Christmas Blizzard by Hernandee, Photography->Landscape gallery Fawn's Morning by Hernandee, Photography->Landscape gallery Expedition Everest by Hernandee, Photography->Mountains gallery
Christmas Blizzard Fawn's Morning Expedition Everest


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07/03/06 11:19 PM GMT
Hello Mike. Welcome to Caedes, be warned it can be addictive :-)

I just dropped round to say thank you for your comments about “It’s a Beauty too”. For a while a thought I wouldn’t get any mushroom shots this year because it’s been so dry here. However we had a few showers and the mushrooms came back, just like magic.
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07/06/06 1:07 AM GMT
Hi Mike: Thanks for viewing my gallery and your very nice comments. I'm glad you like the "Tree on the Beach". It's one of my favs too. I appreciate your input. Anita
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07/06/06 1:56 AM GMT
Howdy from Arizona! Thanks for stopping to look and comment at "Gear down! Full flaps!". I took this at 6X from about 4' at eye-level; they don't seem to mind if you don't move too quickly or too much - I just set up and wait to see what happens! If you like them, I've got a few other hummingbird pics in my Caedes gallery. Thanks Mike - and welcome to Caedes!
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If it's to be, it's up to me.
07/06/06 7:21 PM GMT
Hey Mike thanks for the lovely comment on the Pink . I am very happy you like it ;)

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07/06/06 8:08 PM GMT
Hi Mike! Thanks for the kind words you left on "Twenty Mile Creek." I appreciate it very much.
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07/06/06 8:37 PM GMT
Hey Mike :)
Thanks for the comment on the Sk8er Girl ":)
yeah its animal its one of my hampsters .His name is Anakin or just Ani - he is very kind creature :) Thanks again
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You were my strength when I was weak You were my voice when I couldn't speak
07/06/06 8:42 PM GMT
thank you for your comment on Yelow.
The Yellow is not added its the original color of the flower. I made it B&W and let only the yellow color through.
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07/07/06 4:06 AM GMT
Hey Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to view 'Destin Sunset,' and especially for the comments, they are always greatly appreciated!
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07/07/06 7:39 AM GMT
hi Mike
thanks for your enthusiastic comment re DRYING LEAVES

as to the colours ... they are completely natural
the only thing ive done to do the photo is to sharpen it up a bit at the RAW stage

glad you like it

keep up your own good work .... how about showing some more? :)
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do acts of random kindness and sensless beauty! - small ***gallery* ** for your enjoyment
07/07/06 6:15 PM GMT
Hello Mike.....Welcome to Caedes.....Thankyou for your comments on (DAFFODILS) it is very much appreciated....This is the best shot of six....Cornish daffodil farms are some of the largest and most efficient in the world, supplying flowers and bulbs to all parts of the UK, to Continental Europe, and to the USA.....All the best....Mick
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07/07/06 11:02 PM GMT
hey mike, i can't tell you for sure how there was no reflection, but i think that it had a lot to do with the fact that it was a lot brighter outside than inside, and there was no flash used. that usually cuts down on the glare/reflection big time, and can be a super tough thing to do in planes. thanks for your comments anyways!
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07/08/06 4:30 AM GMT
Thank you for your comment on "Inverted Globe". I appreciate your time:-)
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07/08/06 10:28 AM GMT
Thanks Mike, for your favourable words on "wild Rose". I was this way happy
this beautiful photograph be allowed make. And there also still
something beautiful make.
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07/08/06 4:17 PM GMT
Thanks Mike for your kind words on 'Millenium bridge'. Welcome to the site :-)
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07/08/06 5:36 PM GMT
Mike, thanks for the kudos on "Baby Sailboats." I appreciate your kindness. Blessings, anne :-)
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auntie anne... because that's what all the kids call me :-) We help each other best by being honest and sincere...
07/10/06 10:25 PM GMT
Thanks for checking out "Insurance Guy." Glad you enjoyed him. anne :-)
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Don't tell me it's good, tell me what is good about it. Don't tell me it stinks, tell me what I can do do improve it. Thank you for taking the time to tell me anything at all. Be blessed. anne :-)
07/11/06 6:36 AM GMT
thanks for you comment on " Stone Mountain Park " You should see the whole mountain is breathtaking
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07/18/06 5:08 PM GMT
Hi Mike, I'm glad you liked the photos of Pittsburgh in my gallery. I visited the city a couple of years ago and would probably enjoy going there again sometime. Thanks for your comment.
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07/21/06 7:27 PM GMT
Thank you very much for your comments on New Years Bliss, it is really appreciated.
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07/22/06 8:07 PM GMT
Hey, thanks for the comment on "They Make Grand Speeches. . ." The objects in the back are buildings, like from some futuristic city.
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11/29/06 12:32 AM GMT
Hiya Mike! Thanks for your sweet comment on my Hark/Bald eagle pic!:) Much appreciated! Terri/MM
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