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Chicago, IL 
1984 (34 years) 
03/15/06 2:40 PM GMT01/20/10 3:33 PM GMT 


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03/18/06 3:39 AM GMT
Hi Josh: thanks for your nice comments on Comet. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!
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03/18/06 3:52 PM GMT
Hello Josh!!! Its very nice to meet you and thanks a bunch for the comments on "Paddy's clover" I appreciate it. BTW...Welcome to Caedes!!!!
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-"The needs of the many,outweigh the needs of the few or the one".-Spock
03/18/06 9:23 PM GMT
Thanks for the kind words on the photo! Welcome to Caedes Josh!
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"Got Mushrooms?"
03/19/06 10:38 AM GMT
Obliged for your comment to 'Battlement Josh....Sunny days are on their way?????
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03/19/06 9:32 PM GMT
Hey Josh!

Thanks for dropping by Thoughts of a Seductress...glad you liked it :D
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03/24/06 12:05 AM GMT
Hi Josh,

thank you for leaving me a comment on "Warp 7", glad you liked it enough to take some time and tell me your opinion.
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Find out about me and my work at "my gallery"...
03/24/06 7:25 PM GMT
Thank you so much for commenting on my photo Yellows and blues and greens. It is greatly appreciated.
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04/01/06 5:11 AM GMT
Hi Josh, thanks for visiting Foxglove and commenting. It is just 1 photo that I put a background to so that it matched the requirements of Caedes.
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04/03/06 4:57 AM GMT
Thank you Josh for your comments on "Pools of Liquid Gold". The color is the reflection of Broad Leaf Maple trees in their fall splendor that is still in the sunlight. Glad you like it.
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04/05/06 7:22 AM GMT
Thank you Josh for your comments on 'peace of me', I'm glad you liked it. The letters, takk, are actually from album cover (Sigur Rós - Takk...), but yes you might think it's a signature.. Thank you for your time.
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08/08/06 1:34 PM GMT
Hi Josh, nice to meet you...I'm behind in my responses, as usual...thank you so much for your appreciation of I'm So Hot...I'm glad you liked it...I think many of us have really been feeling the heat this year and hoped the image would depict that feeling...thanks again for dropping is much appreciated.:Pat
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You can't trust a tiger. You never know when he might be lion.

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