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Real Name:
John S Wray
Russellville, AR 
1987 (31 years) 
11/09/04 8:53 PM GMT11/25/12 5:19 AM GMT 

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Lovers' Lane by JohnBoy, Photography->General gallery Self Portrait  (Sat-cloth) by JohnBoy, photography->people gallery Food - Water by JohnBoy, Photography->General gallery
Lovers' Lane Self Portrait (Sat-cloth) Food - Water


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12/13/04 3:59 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes John ;o)
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There's an emptiness inside her and she'd do anything to fill it in. Though it's red blood bleeding from her now, it's more like cold blue ice in her heart. She feels like kicking out all the windows and setting fire to this life. She could change everything about her using colors bold and bright, but all the colors mix grey. ~*DaveMatthewsBand*~
12/16/04 1:57 AM GMT
Thanks for the coment on Two Become one. Not sure of the orginal flower name but to look at the orginal picture you can viewn it in my gallery as the name Withstanding
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12/16/04 3:51 AM GMT
Exactly. :)
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"They call it a Royale with Cheese." -Pulp Fiction
12/20/04 10:18 PM GMT
thanks for your comment on "for the magic". : ) I appreciate it - especially since you prefer photography. :-D
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12/31/04 9:10 PM GMT
I just saw the question you left regarding Paved With Good Intentions. I shot the image with a Panasonic Lumix 4MP 12x zoom digital. It allows me to manually focus the lense, so I could get the image in the mirror - a tricky thing to do when driving. The camera doesn't want to focus on the image - just on the mirror.
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ж Regmar ж
01/06/05 1:53 AM GMT
Hey John! I apricate so much all your kind remarks and comments on "Dawn of the iconoclast" So glad you like them...
Las night i screw up something whit my all my latest work have been loos including this one...all the layers and stuf.I guess i'll have to do it all from the begining:|
But thanks indeed!
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01/07/05 9:24 PM GMT
Thank you for your comment on "Black and white roses" I just now noticed there are some strange dark spots in the background of that, weird. But anyways, I didn't take anything out of the corner, so thats odd that it looks like something is missing, but thank you. :)
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01/12/05 7:01 PM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to view and comment on "A Clean, Well Lighted Place" Very much appreciated.
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The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it. Psalm 37:29
01/14/05 4:58 AM GMT
thanks for your kind post John on my hypertile X image - its my personal favourite.

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
01/29/05 9:30 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Comfort!
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11/28/07 3:10 PM GMT
Question re: "Pines"
It is in Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada
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11/28/07 7:56 PM GMT
Hey John
Thanks for the comment on "Silhouette"
Much Appreciated
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Feel Free To Check Out My Gallery How many times can you put me down 'Til in your heart you realize, If you choose to criticize You choose your enemies
12/04/07 5:27 PM GMT
School, work and family situations. I'm transferring to a MA college for the last two years of my college education, and hopefully then I'll have enough money to live on my own in Ireland.
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Spirit of Ireland
01/22/08 2:41 PM GMT
Hi, Thanks so much for the comment on 'A Tree'.
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01/22/08 10:49 PM GMT
Thank you for your comments to "Silver Creek Canyon". I appreciate it.
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02/04/08 1:57 PM GMT
Ty for the nice comment on Slippery Slope ! Its always appreciated :)
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Please swing on by and check out my Gallery .
02/09/08 12:21 AM GMT
Heya.Thank you so much for the comment on "Sunbathing". I really appreciate all your words.Have a nice day!

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02/19/08 12:03 AM GMT
Thanks very much for the great comment on my B&W picture. I am honored that you faved it.

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Imagine you are there
02/22/08 10:28 PM GMT
Hey JohnBoy. This is JimBob again. Thanks for the great comment on Orchard Lane, and for faving it. Thanks for the honor. Tell MaryEllen I said goodnight. Also LizBeth, Ben, And Erin. Did I forget anybody?
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Imagine you are there
02/25/08 5:50 AM GMT
Thank you JohnBoy, for the comment left on "What it's left".It is greatly appreciated.
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04/02/08 4:46 AM GMT
Glad you enjoyed the cacti picture. Thanks for the comment
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04/07/08 10:44 AM GMT
Hello John.Thank you very much for the comments on "Spring" and "Sky explosion".You are very nice,and I am glad that you use my photo "Spring" as a wallpaper. :)

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