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02/10/05 12:29 AM GMT04/14/10 3:08 PM GMT 


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07/27/05 6:12 PM GMT
Thanks for the lovely comment at "shelter from the storm". The doves are gentle creatures and quite socially oriented. I spend a lot of time watching the birds in our back yard.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
07/27/05 8:13 PM GMT
Hiye Kara. You had inquired about my name and nationality. I am not Italian from the east. I am French Indian from the north east. Thank you for the funny lil story about your grandfather. I dont dot my i's either. must be a Nese thing. I think the name is more Popular then we realize. It is also a very masculine name in Turkey.
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01/24/07 9:47 PM GMT
Hi Kara and thanks for checking out my White Squirrel Finding Food.
I am flattered that your 4 year old likes the picture, very much appreciated, Don
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01/29/07 4:25 PM GMT
Hi Kara, thanks for your comments on Freebirds! im glad you enjoyed the shot, thanks for commenting! Jan
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02/01/07 3:57 PM GMT
Hello Kara.....Many thanks for taking the time to have a look at (GOLDEN FIELDS) and for your comments, they are very much appreciated...Very shortlly the growers will be picking the daffodils to sell on the world market...Thanks again...All the best...Mick.
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03/19/07 5:53 PM GMT
"It's like stepping into another world or another time."
I'm glad that I could give you that feeling ,Kara.
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03/19/07 6:49 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment, it is very much appreciated.
The skyline was thought about when the photo was taken =) ..
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03/22/07 3:26 PM GMT
Thanks,Kara,for stopping bye,ENGLISH CASTLE,and commenting on it,I rerally appreciate it.
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I might not be able to comment on all your pictures,But l try to look at as many as l can. Thanks My Friends.
04/04/07 2:19 PM GMT
Hi Kara
A belated welcome 2 Caedes thankyou 4 your comment on backyard generally people either like it, or hate it like Workmans hands . I upload this type of work simply because I like it, and don't always follow the rules.
Have a nice day
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Lifes around.
07/08/07 11:43 AM GMT
Hi Kara!
Thanks for your very nice comment on 'Butterfly 2' :o)
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If you have some minutes why don't you come visiting my gallery ?
08/24/07 6:04 AM GMT
hi kara. so your name is karalinda peterson? i dont think so . There is only one, and it is not you. If you think you can get away with identity fraud than you are sadly mistaken. You might as well already turn yourself in.
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05/10/08 2:14 AM GMT
In fact, that is my name, and has been since I married my husband thirteen years ago. I'm sorry if you know someone with the same name, but it is mine also.
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"For him in vain the envious seasons roll/who bears eternal summer in his soul."-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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