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1988 (30 years) 
05/09/06 4:53 PM GMT10/17/06 3:08 PM GMT 


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05/10/06 11:32 AM GMT
HI!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome!!!!!!! Will you be posting art! If not....that's ok...but hope you do! Welcome to Caedes!!!!!!!! :) Terri
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05/10/06 11:34 AM GMT
暗闇及び沈黙の私の世界に、 ライト及び音楽を持って来た。 私の蝋燭をつけた時、 私は愛の好みそして質を見、理解し始めた。 はじめて。
(Into my world
of darkness and silence,
you brought light and music.
When you lit my candle,
I began to see and understand
the taste and texture of love.
For the first time.)
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05/10/06 4:17 PM GMT
Kurenai, thanks for stopping by "Emphatic Shift". I really appreciate your words. Welcome to Caedes. :-)
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05/10/06 6:39 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes!! You are my first Japan contact! Nice to have you aboard & I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do!! ~Dan
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05/10/06 7:22 PM GMT
Hiiii Kurenai !
Welcome to Caedes and enjoy your journey !!

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"All those.. moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."
05/10/06 8:23 PM GMT
Hello Kurenai!!!!!!
Welcome to the Caedes Family.. Hope you enjoy it alot. Soon you'll be addicted to like 99.9% of the people on here..Cant wait to see pictures from your side of the world! Have a ball..
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Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;)
05/11/06 1:12 PM GMT
Ohayo Kurenai! Thank you so much for your nice comment on "Pongo & Bindi". ^_^''
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05/11/06 3:19 PM GMT
Welcome Kurenai!
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05/13/06 3:23 PM GMT
o_o Hmmm... you didn't post any images yet. I'm still waitiiiing. ^__^
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05/14/06 5:16 PM GMT
Hey there Kurenai! Hope to see some pictures from you soon!

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05/16/06 11:26 AM GMT
Thanks kurenai
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I dont live in your world
05/28/06 2:45 PM GMT
Hey Kurenai, when you gonna post some images? I'd love to see some!
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