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Amanda Van Horn
1989 (29 years) 
11/23/05 11:05 PM GMT02/03/10 1:38 AM GMT 


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11/23/05 11:21 PM GMT
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11/23/05 11:27 PM GMT
Amanda, welcome to Caedes and thanks for commenting on 'Forest Ghost'. I was probably 35-45 feet away, which is still really close for a Big Buck. I have a 400mm telephoto lens which makes it seem like I was right next to it. It was a thrill.
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11/24/05 7:19 PM GMT
Armanda....Thankyou for your kind comments on (MARE & FOAL)......Thankyou for identifying one of the horses.....You know everyday is a school day...always learning. All the best....Mick.
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11/28/05 6:44 AM GMT
wohoo im glad u like darker images! AWESOME. thanks for commenting also. peace
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11/28/05 12:47 AM GMT
thankyou for taking the time to comment on "whatsup". i'm glad that you really liked it!
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Are you ready to go to heaven? Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 says, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." Think about it... Why did Jesus have to die on the cross if all it took was good works to get to heaven?
11/29/05 5:31 AM GMT
thanks amanda, ur right morbid interest isn't that morbid... well if there were words to explain what it really means, no one would be saying it's morbid. but then again people who haven't felt that way, prolly wouldnt understand. thanks for the support though! it's awesome to hear kind words! much hugs
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12/04/05 1:10 AM GMT
Thank you Amanda for your interest in my shot "cradle of life". What you have stated is impressive. :)
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Kindly visit my gallery and comment on my photos.
12/04/05 6:17 AM GMT
Thanks Amanda for the comment on "frost" I'm glad you liked it.
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Short stories with tragic endings
12/09/05 5:01 PM GMT
I was returning to the Caedes Cove area of Tennessee when I spotted this stream shining in the late afternoon sunshine. I had to stop and take a photo. Thank you Amanda for taking the time to view and comment on my Mountain Stream Beauty 4 image. I'm glad I could share it with you.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
12/09/05 6:20 PM GMT
Hi Amanda, thanks so much for your kind comment on Red Dawn, I am so pleased you liked it :)
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Everyone has got a photographic memory, some have just run out of film...
12/10/05 5:09 PM GMT
Thanks Amanda for your comment, especially since this is my first photo on Caedes!!!
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12/11/05 6:53 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes Amanda. Thank you for your positive feedback on sparkling eye. Glad you liked the horse. Unfortunately I have no idea about the breed. I took photo in a hipotheraphy riding centre. The day was beautiful and the horses very calm.

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Here is my gallery "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" Aristotle
01/03/06 5:58 PM GMT
Hi Amanda...nice to meet you...thanks so much for dropping off your nice comments on Coyote Sampler...I will pass them along to my daughter...I hope to share more of her art in the future.:Pat.
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The new year is full of time. As the seconds tick away, will you be tossing time out the window, or will you make every minute count?
01/22/06 2:08 PM GMT
Hey Amanda , thx for the comment on style exercise ; very much appreciated.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy. my images
02/25/06 8:24 PM GMT
Hey Amanda, I visited the coyote and it is doing fine. Its just a bit startled. It was releshed not long ago.
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02/27/06 11:07 PM GMT
Amanda thanks for your comment on my testing pic;)
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hi, i just need help, maybe one day i will be as good as you lot;)
03/01/06 6:56 PM GMT
Thanks fot your comment and advice on my photo "the leaf". I'm going to submitt a bigger version of it soon, and I'll tone it down a little, but instead I might bring up the saturation of the background to give some depth, and make the leaf blend in a little more.
~Carpe Diem~
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For every new begenning is some other begennings end!~MATEO~
04/01/06 4:12 AM GMT
Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your comments on 'Sleepy,' much appreciated. Yes he was sweaty, he had just finished a training session.
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Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment. -Ansel Adams,......... My Gallery
04/06/06 11:25 AM GMT
Thanks for the kind comments on my "Tanning". I also love horses and have three horses self. Filip on the pictures and two trotters. You maybe see them later.
Have a nice day.
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04/20/06 1:37 PM GMT
Amanda, Thank you for your comments on Why. What I know about horses I learned in connecticut. Rode one when i was 17 years old and that was over 44 years ago. I am going to look at your pictures and maybe learn something. Thanks for your nice comments. Vic
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04/30/06 2:15 AM GMT
Hey Amanda I have never scene a CT scan I guess I've been lucky, if "Circle of Life" didn't sit well with you than please forgive me I am sorry. Thanks for taking a look at it anyway.
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05/03/06 1:07 PM GMT
so glad you enjoyed the horses in "follow the leader", the scene was beautiful. can you imagine what it might look like in the fall? thanks so much for your kind comments. jen
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05/09/06 10:59 AM GMT
Thanks Amanda for the kind comments on "Leap" very much appreciated. Thanks for the good advice. I tell her that :)
Have a nice day :)
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06/29/06 3:46 AM GMT
Thanks a lot for commenting on my photo "Full Stride." It's my first contribution to the site and I hope you enjoy eveything else I put up. Keep in touch.
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06/29/06 9:10 AM GMT
So sorry you took A Ride On Charon's Boat !! It ain't no ride you wanna be on, but I really appreciate you stepping aboard to check it out!!
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07/09/06 4:03 AM GMT
Hello there, Amanda!

No, thank you for dropping by to see Wind of Change. I like simple and dark wallpapers... and shades of blue so... one thing lead to another... :))) It's pretty hard to concentrate on work and all other things I tend to do on my computer while I'm forced to stare at some flourescent desktop wallpaper. I'm glad I found someone who agrees, hehe :)

I hope I'll be able to see your gallery soon, you could/should try to express yourself in an artistic way. :) Good luck! :)

Have a nice day!
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abyssus abyssum invocat.
07/09/06 12:56 AM GMT
Hi Amanda, thanks so much for the kind words on 'Barn Kitten', I appreciate it!
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08/01/06 3:02 PM GMT
Hey Amanda Thanks for your kind-hearted comment on "Country Life"-- I'm glad it "did the trick" for you as it did for me :) ~Justine
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Become a vegetarian to stop the inhumane ways of killing animals-if we all work together we CAN save lives.
08/14/06 8:01 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "The Bermuda Triangle"
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