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01/25/06 12:39 AM GMT
Hey welcome to Caedes, Many thanks for stopping by 'Sword'. and for taking the time to leave a comment, I am very greatful and am so glad you like it, Cheers.
Ian :o)
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Don`t cover yourself in petrol and smoke.
01/25/06 11:39 PM GMT
Hi, A big thanks for your comment on shout, I am glad you like it and I really appreciate the support.
Ian :o)
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Don`t cover yourself in petrol and smoke.
01/26/06 10:32 AM GMT
Thanks for checkin' out Dreamcatcher . Glad you liked it!
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Picture Purrrfect
01/27/06 9:52 PM GMT
Thank you so much Shane for vewing "Paco Supreme". He is a cutie isn't he? BTW welcome to Caedes- can' t wait to see what you'll be posting. ..... Eileen
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01/31/06 1:28 AM GMT
Thank you Shane for the nice comment on "Life in Stride":-)
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02/01/06 1:48 AM GMT
Hey Shane, glad you liked the "waterfall in forest" pic. Thanks for the comment.
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02/04/06 8:26 AM GMT
Thank you for the nice comments on my photo Shane!
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"Got Mushrooms?"
02/13/06 4:01 AM GMT
I agree with your comments on "Reflection Lake". My photo was done on the fly and I don't even own a tripod. Thanks for the critique and taking the time to appreciate my photo.
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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt
02/13/06 7:13 AM GMT
Hey thnx for your comment on Red Panda Its not taken in the wild, its taken in our local Zoo specialized in Red Panda's. I made this shot on purpose not have the whole body, sometimes you lost focus of the subject when you do that, I want to that he is eating be the main subject and not a poster picture of a complete Panada.

Als thanks you like <href="">Yawn
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02/13/06 8:29 AM GMT
Hello Shane. Thanks for your visit on my 'Eagle-owl 1'. I took it with a basic Hewlett-Packard 715 - 3MP and optical zoom 3x - on the macro setting. I was lucky enough with the result! :-)
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02/13/06 8:32 AM GMT
... and also for your kind comment on 'African mounts'. Much appreciated!
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02/13/06 1:51 PM GMT
Hello Shane. For your comments about “Concentration” they mean a lot to me.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
02/13/06 6:07 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes, Thank you for your positve feedback on "marshes-revised" Shane. So glad you found it interesting and worth leaving me a couple of nice words. If you like such sceneries why don't you visit spring? Stay tuned

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If you admire nature for its creations why don't you visit the gallery of its reporter...
02/14/06 12:37 AM GMT
Thanks for the comments on porcupine , glad you liked it

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02/14/06 1:18 AM GMT
Hey..thanks for the stop at "City Lights" I am so grateful for your stop at this image and that you find it pleasing. I really appreciate the support and your welcome to come back anytime you want to visit.. thanks so much.

Take care,
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"Holy, holy, holy is the lord God Almighty - the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come."
02/14/06 1:47 AM GMT
Hey! Thanks for stopping by "Rowing". I've wanted to take a shot like that for quite some time. I'm glad you liked it :)
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Scream you guitar, scream for my pain, cry for your share of this fortune and fame --- Gallery.
02/14/06 2:36 AM GMT
Hi Shane,
thanks a lot for your nice comment on "country road". I'm glad you like it.
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"Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." Albert Szent-Gyorgi
02/14/06 7:40 AM GMT

Thanks for your comments on my "Bath Time." I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback.

Jackie :D
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02/16/06 8:04 PM GMT
Hey name..never heard it before

thanks for dropping by Seduction...glad you liked it and thanks for the 10 :D
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02/16/06 9:52 PM GMT
Thanks shane for the nice comments on my photos.Much appreciated.
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02/19/06 10:05 AM GMT
hello Shane, thanks for your kind comment on looking north, i'm glad to know you like it!
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02/19/06 12:46 AM GMT
Hi Shane. I´m glad you found a butterfly shot you liked in my gallery (Idea Butterfly). There are a dozen more if you like...Thanks for commenting, and welcome back.
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-- Arne --
03/01/06 9:51 AM GMT
Hi Shane,

Thanks for your comments on"Mountain Stream" much appreciated. I have a fair dinkum ocker that lives in Australia who's name is Shane. He lives in Brisbane.
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Old Indian saying: You can lead a politician to water but you can't make him think............... My Gallery...and please vote on everyone's photos .
03/01/06 11:00 AM GMT
I am glad you liked my "Storm Brewing ' Shane. Thank you for commenting on it :)
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03/01/06 11:01 AM GMT
Hi Shane! You liked my "goofy eyed little beetle"! ???? Thanks! I got a lotta 'ribbin for TOUCHING that beetle...but I like things like that. If it were a roach...well way, but a beetle...? Not like it was a DUNG beetle { hahaha}.
anyway....thanks for stopping by my gallery! I will hafta visit yours! :) Best Wishes! Terri
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03/01/06 2:30 PM GMT
Thank you Shane, for your comment on " Winter scenery 1" . Your comments are much appreciated /HJ

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03/03/06 8:00 PM GMT
Thanks for your kind comment on "Pelargonium", Shane - it's appreciated :-)
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03/28/06 8:49 AM GMT
Hi Shane! Thank you so very much for your so kind comments on "burney falls through the trees". I needed that today. Much much appreciated!
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03/30/06 1:33 AM GMT
Hi Shane! Thanks for your nice comment on «iguana». I appreciated it!
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03/30/06 1:35 AM GMT
Hello again Shane! Many thanks for your comment on «pelican» I'm very glad than you liked it!
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04/11/06 12:01 AM GMT
LOL a girl i showed the photo named the frog something but i forgot its name.We are are the godparents of it. Although i dont think the frog knows that...
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04/25/06 5:52 PM GMT
thanks Shane for the post on my clean up job on the STS-1 launch shot - in answer to your question it took around 80 minutes to fix up in all

cheers - Phil
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05/23/06 7:33 PM GMT
Hey Shane, thanks for viewing and commenting on "Oblivious" I'm glad you like it so much!
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Unity through faith - Strength through unity Freedom Forever! Check this out!
06/26/06 10:12 AM GMT
Kia Ora Shane, many thanks for your kind opinions on Lady of The Lake and Escape. :)Glad you liked them.
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Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see the shadows. It's what sunflowers do - Helen Keller
11/09/06 10:26 AM GMT
Thanks a lot for loving Curves and Grid - really good of you to take the time to look :-)
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"Love does not dominate; it cultivates." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
04/21/07 2:01 PM GMT
thanks for your comment on "working hands" i appreciate it.
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For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16
04/24/07 9:46 PM GMT
Thank you for commenting on 'Color Chaos'. I don't really understand how all the abstracts are done either. Most are done in a program of its own, but a good one for me is one that i can't stop looking at. Anyways. sorry for babbling. I'm glad you enjoyed mine and thanks again for commenting. :)
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