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02/17/04 9:21 PM GMT
Hi - I did the StarMist picture with photoshop 7 and coral kpt 7 package easy to use but expensive to buy
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02/18/04 10:01 PM GMT
hey ill just post it here, i used Bryce 5, i tend to use either Bryce 5, terragen, or an actual picture.
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02/19/04 6:06 AM GMT
Got Bryce 5 froma and got terragen from a website go to google and type in terragen... you will find it. terragen is free and bryce is $80
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02/20/04 11:40 AM GMT
I made 'Winter Inlet' mainly from a program called Terragen, which is available (for free) from It is a landscape modeller, which can produce anything from almost real to completely insane landscapes. I later touched up the image and added borders with Photoshop 7.
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What the heck is a Georf anyway? Answers on a postcard...
02/22/04 8:34 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on Martian Buggy - I used Moray to model the scene and Povray to render the scene.
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03/03/04 7:40 AM GMT
Thnx for u're comment at my pic: France,La plagne...
here is the answer:

I didn't make it with the pc..It was just a shot... I only edited somewhat with the
brigtness and the contrast....!
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Nobody's Perfect, And I'm nobody :p
04/30/04 4:50 PM GMT
thanx for commenting on tripod v.2 the programs used were bryce and 3d studio
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06/08/04 7:49 AM GMT
Thanx for the comment on Nebula!
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06/10/04 8:43 AM GMT
Thnx Adam, for u're awesome comment to the picture: ' Olympic Games - Final' , really appreciate that. I'm glad you like it.
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Nobody's Perfect, And I'm nobody :p
06/16/04 7:10 AM GMT
thanks for your comment on caedes fossill, i used photoshop 7
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11/23/04 2:02 AM GMT
Hey Adam :) Thanks for commenting on "Orb Something?"! And you're right lol, it does look like Osiris's symbol
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*~Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen~*
12/30/04 3:01 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Canadian Maple Leafs. It is too bad about the NHL.
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"They call it a Royale with Cheese." -Pulp Fiction
02/13/05 2:02 PM GMT
Hi Adam, thanks for taking a look at "Grafitti Football". No this isn't a 3D image. it's a bunch of pictured chopped together and blended in photoshop.

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