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Mikasew Dressed in Fall Colors by ShawnM, Photography->Shorelines gallery Fall Rose by ShawnM, Photography->Flowers gallery Painted Pumpkins by ShawnM, Photography->Sculpture gallery
Mikasew Dressed in Fall Colors Fall Rose Painted Pumpkins


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06/29/08 2:36 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes.

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07/02/08 3:15 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on Sunny Tulips, they're very appreciated =)
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Life isn't about the number of breaths you take, it's about the moments that take your breath away.
07/05/08 3:46 PM GMT like somethin' I need more of..rofl...Appreciate you commenting on Desert Sage .Glad ya like it.. Took a while for it to grow on me....=D
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Live simply. Speak kindly. Care deeply. Love generously.
07/06/08 5:08 PM GMT
Big thank you for comment on Park #8!Greatly appreciated!
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07/07/08 8:10 AM GMT
Many , many thanks for comment on Wating for lunch!!!Always very appreciated!!
And it was a titmice male:)
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07/07/08 12:38 AM GMT
Thankyou for commenting on Cheetah's picture. I've always loved black and white photos, and I agree with you, they should be used more often. Thanks!
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Titus 3:5-7, "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 6: Which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour; 7: That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life." Why did Jesus Christ have to die on the cross if all it took was good works to get to heaven? It is THROUGH Jesus Christ's blood that He saved us from Hell. If we could get to heaven on our own then Jesus Christ would've had to die again and again. If you ANY questions please pm me.
07/07/08 11:06 PM GMT
Thanks so much for the nice comment on "Alpine Lake." I really appreciate it! :)

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07/08/08 3:18 PM GMT
Many thanks for comment on The countryside #1!Very much appreciated!!!
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07/08/08 8:23 PM GMT
Thanks Shawn,I tend to get a bit lazy when it comes to uploading,I see now it's a little tilted,Glad you liked it ..Richie.
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Cheap thrills are always expensive.
07/09/08 2:36 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on The Bug. I don't see it my friend also said it looks like the bug is in space but I guess cuz i know what the background is I dont see.

Thanks again for you comment, Leo
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07/09/08 6:46 AM GMT
Hello Cornelius,
thank you v.much for your nice comment on "GOLDEN SKY" I do appreciate it much :) ,by the way you are free to do anything with this photo
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07/09/08 6:46 AM GMT
Welcome to Caedes.
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07/09/08 8:09 PM GMT
The Puffins, Thanks Cornelius,These birds are very cute and unafraid which adds to their charm.
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Cheap thrills are always expensive.
07/09/08 10:53 PM GMT
Thanks so much for your comments on "Eiffel at Dusk", they are much appreciated!
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07/11/08 2:27 PM GMT
Thanks Shawn for the kind comment on "Nice"!!
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07/19/08 11:12 AM GMT
Thank you for the nice comment on Heron Portrait 2.
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For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, His eternal power and Godhead;... Rom 1:20
07/27/08 4:16 AM GMT
Hi Shawn!thanks a lot for your nice comment on "Blue Lagoon #2"!..I'm glad you liked it!..:o)
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07/27/08 11:59 PM GMT
Hey Shawn Thank you for the comments on "Thank You."
I appreciate it:)

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Conscious of my Unconscious.
07/29/08 4:43 PM GMT
Hello,thanks for your capable comment on "White splendour".
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A picture is worth a thousand words.
07/30/08 3:20 PM GMT
Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the detailed comments on "Daydream." The horizon did in fact need some digital correction. It was bent in the original.
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08/06/08 10:23 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes:)
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08/10/08 10:50 PM GMT
Nice comment, I appreciate it. Thanks for your attention.
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08/15/08 6:51 PM GMT
thanx for the kind comment on Blackhead . It's really much appreciated..
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08/18/08 7:52 PM GMT
Thanx you for the nice comment on "Are we there yet?" I appreciate it very much
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08/20/08 8:51 AM GMT
Wellcome to my gallery and thanks for your comments on « From Cinfăes-Portugal ».
Very much apreciated.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
08/23/08 11:27 PM GMT

Thanks ever so much for your comments on my "Mystic Falls." I appreciate you taking the time to check it out and leave your kind words.

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You really don't have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear. My gallery.
08/24/08 6:42 PM GMT
Hello Shawn, thanks for commenting on "Slate Hill Farm". I took several overview shots at the daylily farm and specifically underexposed to compensate for the bright sun. I figured I could always brighten if necessary. Welcome to Caedes and good luck with both your photography and woodcarving!
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Much of the beauty in life is found in people who care.
08/25/08 7:07 PM GMT
Hi Shawn, thank you for the visit to "River" and the kind comment. Very much appreciated.
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08/28/08 3:05 AM GMT
Thank you very much for the comment on "Dinner in Tuscany"! I appreciate it!
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08/30/08 4:41 PM GMT
Thank you for your comments on Mt. Shasta
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09/13/08 4:17 PM GMT
Hi Shawn, thanks for your comment on "Warmth"
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09/21/08 8:08 PM GMT
Thank you for the kind comment on "The look",it is very nice of you.Thank you also for the informations about the animals you saw,it is good and unbelievable that you could get that close to the fawn,it is true that it would have been better if you had your Canon Digital Rebel XTI then you could have taken very nice photos,thank you again.
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09/21/08 9:30 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on 'Hazy Morning Upstream'. The lens flares you are referring too are preset in Photoshop, so it is difficult adjust them effectively.
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Arty to IT's Gallery Prints now available at Deviantart under artytoit
09/26/08 7:27 PM GMT
thanks for looking at McElroy Park and no, it wasn't cropped, just not centered I think.
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09/29/08 11:53 PM GMT
Thanks so much for the comment, that was really awesome feedback! i realize now that it is a little bit light, but i did kind of want to portray the fog as a statement to go along with the number of buildings!
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10/11/08 10:22 PM GMT
Hi Shawn, just wanted to say thanks for your comment on "Just being Nutty" Those Nuthatches don't sit still for to long.
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Please visit my website if you wish to purchase prints or framed photos of my work....
10/17/08 3:39 AM GMT
Thanks for the very nice comment you left me on 'Monsal Head' Shawn. I think you're right, an ND is essential for waterfalls.
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"A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." Dorothea Lange
10/17/08 4:59 PM GMT
Thanks for your input on Let's go sailin'. It was very helpful.
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10/18/08 9:51 AM GMT
Thank you Shawn for your kind comments on "Tiger the Greatdane"... As you said the pic is a little blurred...

Its nice to hear that you enjoy the pic..
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( This message is posted from Gods Own Country,Kerala,India )
10/20/08 10:01 AM GMT
Woodland Path,Done with the Orton Technique..Thanks lots Richie.
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Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.
10/27/08 4:22 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Apple Orchard". It's appreciated. :)
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Do everything in love. -1 Corinthians 16:14
10/29/08 8:46 PM GMT
Hi Shawn, Thanks for the comment on Red Car, and yes I do have a pic of a mustang maybe I'll post don't no yet.
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10/29/08 9:12 PM GMT
I completely get what you are saying. Please don't
take offense in my comment. If photography was easy
every one would be an Ansil Adams.
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11/01/08 5:36 PM GMT
Thanks Shawn,I unfortunately was without my tripod and took Torrent hand held,I'm surprised it came out as it did..Richie.
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Police Station toilet stolen....Cops have nothing to go on.
11/06/08 1:31 PM GMT
Thanks for you friendly comment on Just a day in November...
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11/09/08 8:24 AM GMT
thanks you for the comment on "sleeping dragon" im glad you liked it and that you found the dragon
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11/15/08 4:24 PM GMT
Thanks for viewing "Cat's Eye Nebula", glad you enjoyed it Shawn.
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Technically speaking.....I don't know!

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