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Beautiful Eye by SnoF, photography->macro gallery
Beautiful Eye


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05/05/04 10:51 PM GMT
Listen if you dont like my work then just do not down load it.You dont have to post rude comments making yourself look stupid.As far as the pictures go I took them with a 4 mega pixel digital sony camera and edited them in photoshop resizing them to the standard 1024x768.As far as the web address... I actually edited these photos for use on my website and then stumbled across Caedes so instead of re-editing I just posted what I already had, just for fun.
To sum it up those who have nothing nice to say should say nothing at all.
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05/19/04 8:18 PM GMT
yeah dude...I'm not to impressed with ur arguments. If ur gonna try to pick a fight w/ sum1, at least make sure ur argument doesn't come off as moronic.
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Remember first impressions - they only happen once.
05/20/04 12:24 AM GMT
I really don't know what you're talking about SamGerdt.. don't act weird
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08/02/04 12:32 AM GMT
I beleive SamGerdt is referring to your rudeness in commenting on people's work. You seem to be attempting to start arguements with other members. If you have a comment or criticism, that's one thing, but there's no need to be insulting. "Constructive criticism" would be something to keep in mind from now on. I hope that you will consider this in future, and that you can continue to enjoy this site, while not decreasing the enjoyment of others.
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08/02/04 1:30 AM GMT
In refrence to "On A Clear Day". Thanks for your (constructive criticism). One thing you don't seem to understand is that the real limitation here is the size of the film. (35mm) When blown-up to 1600 x 1200dpi, that is approximately the same (Print-wise) as an 11 x 16 inch print. That is always going to show the formats limitations. I shoot Fujichrome Velvia with a Canon F-1 using their L-Series lenses with the entire assemblage mounted on a tri-pod (my camera never comes off the tri-pod). Canon L-Series lenses are the finest lenses made today. Perhaps Canon would like to know that their cameras or lenses are sub-standard (in your view). My images are then scanned into my computer using a Nikon "SuperCoolScan 5000ED", scanned at 4000 dpi. Really now "SnoF" perhaps before you criticize, you need to have a better understanding what you are criticizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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08/03/04 7:23 AM GMT
"Really now "SnoF" perhaps before you criticize, you need to have a better understanding what you are criticizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How should I know what kind of equipment you use? And I just determine the picture is grainy, so maybe you should use other equipment for making this kind of photographs. I am positive you can see with your own eyes the further you look in the pic the less sharp and beautiful this image gets. Don't blame your own equipment.
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08/03/04 10:58 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Urchins revisited", SnoF - glad you liked it :-)
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08/09/04 2:51 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "Old Barn" .
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09/29/04 8:45 PM GMT
cheers for the comment on brutal glad you like it many thanx

..i do what i do best...
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08/10/05 3:07 AM GMT
FYI, the image "Recurrent Dream" is a Vue d'Exprit image of a sportscar overlooking a cityscape. I know few "kids [who could] put some things at random in front of some sunset/down" to look like that, as you suggest, but, of course your entitled to your opinion. Looks like I'm not the only Caedes participant the finds your comments both crass and rude.
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