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10/17/05 5:34 AM GMT12/03/05 1:14 PM GMT 


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10/17/05 7:31 AM GMT
Hello Sunny,

Welcome in the Ceades. Thank you for your great feedback on the 'fall colour palette". I am glad you liked it so much and I really apprecite your comment. I guess the photo reflects the essence of fall and that may be the reason why it is so appealing. I would like to invite you to browse through my gallery. Perhaps you will find there some interesting fall captures. Stay tuned and enjoy your exploration in the net.

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"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" Aristotle
10/17/05 3:43 PM GMT
Thanks for your gracious comments on "Reaching Out," Sunny. Welcome to Caedes!
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10/18/05 6:13 PM GMT
Hey Sunny...Welcome to Caedes! Thanks for your comments on "Loopy". Have a Great Day.
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10/19/05 11:04 PM GMT
Thanks for you comments on "Stuck on You". You feedback is greatly appreciated!
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10/19/05 11:31 PM GMT
Sunny - Welcome to Caedes! I have only been here a short time myself. I want to thank you for your great comments on "Sunshine, Lollypops, and Rainbows"! I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks again! Vicky
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10/20/05 3:34 AM GMT
Hi Sunny!!! Welcome to Caedes...its very nice to meet you!!! Thanks for the comments on "Hackles" I am glad you liked it.

Science officer's station.
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-"The needs of the many,outweigh the needs of the few or the one".-Spock
10/22/05 5:25 PM GMT
Hi Sunny...welcome to caedes...hope you have fun here...thanks a lot for looking at Fruition and leaving such nice comments...I appreciate it, especially where some were bothered by the blurry be honest, I don't like them either, but I'm glad to know you could focus mainly on the grapes...thanks again.:Pat.
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Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.
10/23/05 1:46 AM GMT
Hi there Sunny, thanks for taking a look at " Art Class ". I really appreciate your comments & I'm glad you liked it !! It's funny, cuz I almost didn't upload it as it's pretty different from what I'd done previously & I wasn't sure how it would be received. I guess it shows to go you !!
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I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it by not dying ( Woody Allen )
10/24/05 4:16 AM GMT
Thanks for the great comments on "Focused on Breathing"! Very much apprecaited :)
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10/28/05 5:37 PM GMT
Hello Sunny, welcome to Caedes.
Tks for your recent comments on Chipper!
Have a great wknd.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
11/12/05 2:17 PM GMT
LOL Sunny. Thanx for your witty comment on the "Silent Remembrance". Hope to see lot's of comments like yours in future.
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The Artist Formerly Known as B1aze!
11/29/05 12:13 AM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to say such nice things about "Radiant"! It's nice to get feedback! Vicky
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11/29/05 2:24 AM GMT
Hey Sunny! Thanks a lot for the great comments on "Christmas Lightshow". I really appreciate it..=]
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11/29/05 2:42 PM GMT
Hi Sunny, thanks for the comments on Diamond Rush, really appreciate it.

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12/03/05 7:24 PM GMT
Hi Suny,
Glad to hear that you ejjoy my, "Arizona Sunset" image. I have a 30x40 of it hanging in our family room.
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Annie and I invite you to visit our website. Photography is not a trade - it is an art. It is more that an art. It is a solar phenomenon, where the artist collaborates with the sun. deLamartine 1855

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