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1 Jan 1900 (118 years) 
01/16/06 10:49 PM GMT05/06/16 11:54 AM GMT 

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01/18/06 5:10 AM GMT
Thank you Torben for your comments on "Nuoveau Arbor Vitae". Working with Tierazon is still a learning experience for me. Glad you kied it.
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"Can't Sleep, Clowns will eat me... Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me..."
01/20/06 2:47 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on 'not quite awake and not quite asleep'. And welcome to caedes. (well.. who am I to say this as I am a new one here too :P)
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01/21/06 4:06 PM GMT
thanks for the input, and yes i thought the lines could be more woven after i finished it to
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till the end of time i will walk
01/21/06 5:22 PM GMT
Hi Torben, welcome to caedes, thanks for the comment on AquaLife Crawling, I appreciated every word you said.;-))
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02/02/06 8:28 PM GMT
Thanks for having time to take a look at my gallery...again :) Appreciate your comment on "I feel so... uhmm... green?"
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02/02/06 10:47 PM GMT
Thank you Torben for your comment on unnamed glad you like it : )
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Please check my images some are not that bad but they need more vote's so please take a look. ........smileys. ........My Gallery
02/03/06 4:10 AM GMT
Thanks Torben for the the comments on "Coral" I really appreciate it and am glad you like it :)

Science officer's station
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-"The needs of the many,outweigh the needs of the few or the one".-Spock
02/03/06 8:39 PM GMT
Hey Torben , thx for the comment on bizar , it is apprecaited.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy. my images
02/23/06 8:40 PM GMT
Hi Torben - Thanks for the look at my fractal quilt: Caribean Queen. I really like this image and I'm happy that you seem to like it as well. Thanks for the comments.

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"No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience." John Locke
02/23/06 8:46 PM GMT
Me again...: thanks for looking at my real quilt: Postcards From The Edge. Glad you like it...appreciate the comments.

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"No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience." John Locke
02/23/06 10:03 PM GMT
So glad you floated by Torben, and for taking a gander at Pressed Butterfly . Super thanks!!!
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02/25/06 10:29 PM GMT
hey mate thanks for your comment on Good Vs Evil
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If you cant beat um join um and tear them down from the inside out
04/24/06 1:38 AM GMT
Thanks for looking at Escher Refletions . Your comments were thorough and appreciated...
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09/07/06 10:42 AM GMT
Thanks for all your support and all the kind comments that you have left on my latest images. Im glad that you liked and I hope that you enjoy the ones to come.

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09/20/06 10:06 AM GMT
Hi there and thanks for commenting on "the eye" It was always my intention to leave the eye not as a whole so to speak. This added to a mistery that someone is watching you, but you never know who. I use it in a lot of my paintings for want of a better word, and will probably use it in others. I always wanted to show it as a whole and thanks to the company I made it for letting me use it again, I was able to.

Once again thanks for your comment.

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AKAJON: Most people lye asleep and notice nothing around them. Just wake up and see the natural beauty around you. It will blow you away.
09/20/06 12:20 AM GMT
Thank you Torben for your comments on 'Muddy gold', they're appreciated. Ankku
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09/20/06 3:10 PM GMT
Thanks for your nice comments on Big Blue Torben, very much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it.
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07/03/07 6:26 PM GMT
Thanks for adding me as a friend. I like your Aiko Zoo series, particularly #2... it's pretty wacky!
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Arty to IT's Gallery Prints now available at Deviantart under artytoit
07/07/07 8:26 AM GMT
I am really appalled by your last posting of "alien women on all fours". Maybe you could explain what it is and why you feel you should post it here in caedes. And I am not even sure why you would get any sort of points on the C Index, but then we all have our thoughts and opinions. Verena
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Don't let yourself miss out on whatever small pleasures life hands you.

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