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08/04/05 10:02 PM GMT
Hi, welcome to Caedes and thanks for your comment on Fractal Spider.

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08/04/05 11:38 PM GMT
And also for Great Ball of Fire and Fractal Fuse, really appreciate it.

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08/05/05 1:41 AM GMT
Hey, thanks for your comments on "Endless Warp".
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08/05/05 9:27 AM GMT
Hey there :D
Thanks for your compliments on *KaleidoBliss*...I'm very pleased both you and your daughter liked it ^_^
Yes the colours are rather bright, I agree :]
Best wishes
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08/05/05 9:29 AM GMT
Thanks also for commenting on *Desire (Revised)*, *Virus* and *Escence Of Evil*...your feedback is much appreciated...and I'm glad you found a nice desktop too ^_^
Oh, and *welcome* to Caedes, also :]
Have a nice day.
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08/05/05 4:45 PM GMT
Greeting O Alienlord, just wanted to say thanx for ur comment on 'venom' appreciate the support :~)
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Beware the anti-cinnamon stare!!!
08/05/05 5:36 PM GMT
Yet more thanks for your comments on Something and Nothing.

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08/05/05 10:59 PM GMT
thanks for your comments on 3 of my images... much appreciated
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click here for pure excellence
08/06/05 5:44 PM GMT
Thanks for all the compliments, and for visiting my gallery. Have a great day, my friend.
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08/09/05 1:45 AM GMT
Hi! Thanks for your great comment on "Angelic Particles" I'm glad you got a chance to see it and enjoy it too ;:o)
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There's an emptiness inside her and she'd do anything to fill it in. Though it's red blood bleeding from her now, it's more like cold blue ice in her heart. She feels like kicking out all the windows and setting fire to this life. She could change everything about her using colors bold and bright, but all the colors mix grey. ~*DaveMatthewsBand*~
08/14/05 5:27 PM GMT
Thanks for being chatty on my pages :)
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When you stare into the abysmal, the abysmal stares also into you ---Friedrich Nietzsche (sorta)

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