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Veracruz, Mexico 
1977 (41 years) 
05/24/06 5:26 PM GMT06/12/07 6:25 PM GMT 


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05/25/06 6:37 PM GMT
Well Hello there! Welcome to Caedes! Araceli...that's a pretty name! I love your first post! I look forward to seeing more! Warmest wishes, Terri
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Thank you all who comment on my art! I randomly thank people often as I can, but if I do not, please know you are appreciated!
05/25/06 9:46 PM GMT
Thanks Terri! I really love Caedes... all images are so beautiful... I'd always loved the view of the Island, then when I had the oportunity to go visit it... of course I took many pictures... This is the best ... in my opinion... I love to share it with the others... and I already have another picture to share ... only than of a completely different topic... I hope that also you should like
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05/27/06 7:27 AM GMT
Gracias Araceli por tus agradables comentarios sobre "Spanish shoreline" y "María Inmaculada Procathedral"...(¡ además en español....una gozada !) , espero seguir en adelante en contacto y aprovecho para darte un fuerte abrazo....
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Aupa Athletic Club (From 1898)
05/31/06 11:47 PM GMT
Thank you for taking the time to visit my photo and leave such nice comments. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. I don't imagine you'll have many photos of snow, like I do.... :-)
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06/01/06 5:01 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes. No problems Araceli anytime as i enjoy thr great work.
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Suicide is man's way of tell God "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME I QUIT."
06/06/06 3:54 PM GMT
Thanks for the kind comments on "Order Up!" I always love visiting these guys when on vacation in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
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06/07/06 11:57 PM GMT
Thanks for coming "Out for a Walk" and visiting my turtle. I had never seen one of these turtles up that close before either. Glad you enjoyed it.
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Sonya ~Always looking for something to photograph~
06/08/06 10:19 PM GMT
Nice to hear you liked my pansy. They are such cheerful flowers.
I will send you some details on how I did the framing on it. I did it in Photoshop.
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Sonya ~Always looking for something to photograph~
06/11/06 9:03 AM GMT
Hello Araceli...its very nice to meet you and thank you for the kind comments on Bert and Earnie...I appreciate it :)

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-"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one".-Spock
06/20/06 2:29 PM GMT
Hey - thanks for the lovely comment on the Beetle :)

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You were my strength when I was weak You were my voice when I couldn't speak
07/03/06 3:22 PM GMT
Hello, thank you so much for your lovely comments for Castle On The Loch.I appreciate them very much, and are glad you like the photo.

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07/04/06 1:54 AM GMT
Thank you so much for your comment on "Under the Tree"!
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"Gracious Lord, God of all compassion You have poured Your kindness over me..."

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