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Portland, OR 
1991 (27 years) 
06/23/04 11:56 PM GMT01/24/13 7:24 PM GMT 

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Ring of Fire by baparham, Abstract->Fractal gallery liquid sword by baparham, Abstract->Fractal gallery Crystal Ice by baparham, abstract->fractal gallery
Ring of Fire liquid sword Crystal Ice


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12/29/04 6:48 PM GMT
like i told that other dude about the piano - i don't care really, cause my piano is a mess too: i'd rather see a piano messy like mine cause i feel at home with an enivronment of... well, a home. Anyway, thx for the images - and, if you don't mind, what kind of music do you do? like, just piano, or something else? and what kinds of music do you like playing? (I've been doing ametuar compositions for the piano for like 4 years - just curious)

Well, good luck, and see you around!
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12/31/04 9:45 AM GMT
hey cool, that's neat to know! (about your music) i'm glad there are more of us out there. as for what type of music i play, or compose, i play the trumpet, guitar, piano, and i would like to say i play the bass, but i mostly just fool around with that. I have written a few jazz peices and played around with writing a full orchestrated peice but can't stick to it very easily. I've been playing the trumpet for about 5 years or so and am in my high schools wind ensemble and jazz band.(Sunset High School, if you've heard of it by some way out coincidence, in beaverton, OR) anyway, you seem to have some pretty good photo-talent at least to my amtuer eye ;) I would love to see more of your pictures. I have a weakness for sunsets. I was also wondering how old you were, because you are obviously not 0. thanks for the "correspondance"
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Times fun when you're having flies. - Kermit the Frog
12/31/04 10:11 AM GMT
hope my signature is fixed...
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-Brad- <br> Times fun when you're having flies. - Kermit the Frog
12/31/04 10:13 AM GMT
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-Brad- Times fun when you're having flies. - Kermit the Frog
01/04/05 2:20 AM GMT
Hi Brad. I see you're from Portland! I live in Vernonia (well, somebody has too :)!. Thanks for the great compliments on "Liquid Gold." I took that photo Sunday morning. The fog on the lake was really thick and the oblique angle of the sun as it rose made for some fabulous lighting. I have several more shots from the same day I'll post during the next few weeks. I hope you'll enjoy them too. Thanks again for your gracious comments... Steve
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01/04/05 6:00 AM GMT
Thanks glad that you enjoy my last got a realy nice gallery there...Keep up a good work...and thanks again, much apriciated
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01/04/05 9:56 AM GMT
Hi Brad. We had a nice trip in the Alps. Thanks for looking at my Belledonne's pics :-)
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01/04/05 11:55 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Painted Lady(resized)" Much appreciated! ; )
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A day without chocolate is a day wasted
01/05/05 12:14 AM GMT
yall are all welcome, i recently started actually going through the galleries and reviewing pictures, it's well worth the extra minute!
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Times fun when you're having flies. - Kermit the Frog
01/23/05 11:53 AM GMT
Hi Brad, thanks for the comment on "Discombobulated" - glad you liked it.
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02/01/05 7:40 AM GMT
About 'Arrival to the top (2)'. It was taken at 4 PM. Yes, it is the sun!
I was a little late (because taking photos...) and I saw the group against the light. I shot 5 or 6 photos of the same scenery with my 200 mm zoom lens.
Thanks for the kind words :-)
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