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Follow the Bridge Ahoy there! Sunny San Diego?


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05/27/06 1:10 PM GMT
Hi and thanks for commenting on The statue at Holy Island.there are appreciated.Brian.
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I might not have enough time to respond to all your pictures.But I will see them all.
05/27/06 10:28 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "At Sea"! It was a gorgeous day.
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05/28/06 10:28 AM GMT
HI, Thanks for viewing and commenting on my posting "Afternoon at the Pond"...much appreciated...gerry..
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05/28/06 10:31 AM GMT
Opps..I mean your comments on "Catching Some Rays"...of the turtle...thanks..gerry..
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05/31/06 10:21 PM GMT
I was walking the beach when this image presented it self. Thanks Candela for viewing Lifes a Beach 2 and commenting on it. I'm glad you like it.
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Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual. Edward Weston
06/01/06 3:38 AM GMT
Hi Candela. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on "Hint of Blue". Judy
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06/06/06 1:23 PM GMT
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "Order UP" Much appreciated.
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06/09/06 3:58 AM GMT
thanks so much for such a kind comment on "Centeurea" i really appreciate that you took the time to do that! glad you enjoyed it! ~abby
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06/11/06 5:22 AM GMT
Thanx for the comment on June Night. I'm glad you liked it :)
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06/17/06 1:44 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on my post "Along the Bike Trail". You can go there but you have to come to Minnesota first, sorry.
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07/03/06 10:02 PM GMT
Hi Dela, thanks for the comments on "Sleepy Bunny". I appreciate it and I'm glad you liked it.
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07/24/06 10:22 PM GMT
Hey, Dela - thanks for your comments on "Black Beauty" - I really appreciate it and I'm glad you approve -

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08/08/06 12:34 AM GMT
Hi Dela! Thank you so much for your nice comments on my "rosy outlook" photo! I so appreciate your input and i'm so glad you enjoyed it! Carol
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08/08/06 7:34 PM GMT
Hello! Thanks for stopping by Guardian. Glad you enjoyed her protective presence!
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"Curiosity is the key to creativity." ~Akio Morita
08/12/06 7:46 AM GMT
Thank for dropping by the holy well. If you go at dusk, it does because there are also different sounds there then. During the day, it is just a beautiful place to sit, watch and listen. Glad you liked the picture.

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AKAJON: Most people lye asleep and notice nothing around them. Just wake up and see the natural beauty around you. It will blow you away.
08/17/06 9:49 AM GMT
Hello Dela, thank you for your nice comments on "water's own art", I really appreciate it.
Have a nice day
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joy is not in things, it's in us !!!
08/28/06 9:41 PM GMT
Haha thanks a lot Dela for your comment on the nuns.. Yes I did found that out after I took it actually! You are more then welcome to visit any of my other pics.. :)
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09/19/06 1:41 AM GMT
Thanks for visiting ~Autumn Love~ Dela! I am still very hesitant with Apop, so your encouraging words will help keep me moving along!! Thanks for stopping by!!
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09/19/06 12:19 AM GMT
Thanks for watching "Caedes Fractual TV"...I am glad you like it....Kat
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09/23/06 1:50 PM GMT
Dela, obliged for the commentaries in (Baobad) good weekend, pride
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09/28/06 4:57 PM GMT
Hi Dela, thank you so much for your comments on "duck, duck, moose", (Sadie) she was a cutie! carol
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10/16/06 12:17 AM GMT
Thanks for the comments on "The Fly"...Kat
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11/01/06 12:12 AM GMT
Thank your for commering on pot of gold
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I love My Seth so much
12/21/06 12:08 AM GMT
Hi Dela, thanks for taking the time to write a comment on "Wired Sky". Have a nice xmas time...

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12/21/06 10:55 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting on 'The Rainbow Factory'. I think they make the pots of gold separately and bundle them later...

- cfr
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12/24/06 10:12 AM GMT
Thanks Dela, good to hear from you, call again.
Happy Christmas
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Be true to yourself.
12/26/06 5:48 PM GMT
Hey Dela Thank you for you comment on "600Watt" glad you liked it.
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Feel Free To Check Out My Gallery
01/18/07 1:33 PM GMT
thanks for the commens on fire rocks glad it caught your eye.
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01/30/07 4:23 PM GMT
Thanks for the kind words on Navy Pier, Chicago.

You have a great gallery, I love bridge pics.
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03/29/07 10:56 PM GMT
Hey Dela. I went there about 15 minutes before the 10am change of posts. People usually gather when they are changing their posts. It's actually a very peaceful scene without people around.
Catch you around the site ;)
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Time is not money; it's life. Enjoy it.
05/10/07 1:37 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Foggy Peaks." I'm glad you liked it.
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"But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness." - 2 Timothy 2:16 (KJV) <- -> Timothy J. Warren | My homepage|My Forum| My Gallery| My DeviantArt Gallery| AIM: aviat4ion
05/18/07 2:15 AM GMT
Hey Della I really appreciated your comments on "on the volley." Thanks a lot.
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05/24/07 12:56 AM GMT
Hello Della!

Thanks a lot for your comment on "Fishing Day", I will have your suggestion on attention next time, because you're right!Thanks ;)
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Luis Filipe Azevedo** Nikon D80 | Nikkor 18-135 mm | kenko MC skylight [1A] 67mm | Sigma EX Wide Multi-Coated Circular PL 67mm ** Hama Star 61 Tripod** Hama Kamerastativ Star 8 Mono
05/24/07 12:55 AM GMT
Thank you for your kind comment on "Philosopher" :)
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"Fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die" [Queen] "Piękna jest chwila dopˇki trwa"
07/05/07 9:38 AM GMT
thank you so much for the comment.!:)
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something really smart
07/06/07 4:26 PM GMT
Thank you for the nice comment on "Just Bee". The bee isn't so huge, the flower is too litle. :)
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07/11/07 11:47 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment at Free Beer (tomorrow)! :)
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07/17/07 12:58 AM GMT
thanks a bunch for the comment on 'hang up'
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"Jamis fights with either hand."
09/25/07 1:05 AM GMT
Hey Della Thanks for you Comment on "Urban Haunting" Much appreciated.

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Feel Free To Check Out My Gallery How many times can you put me down 'Til in your heart you realize, If you choose to criticize You choose your enemies
10/04/07 5:14 AM GMT
Della, thank you very much for you comment on Kohala Coast. Very much appreciated!
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07/29/08 7:36 AM GMT
Thanks Della for your comment on "Rickmer Rickmers". I appreciate that very much.
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If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?
08/01/08 2:32 AM GMT
thanks for your nice comment on "Yellow Daisy!"
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08/17/08 5:45 PM GMT
heya Della, thanks for the comments :) much appreciated!
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09/10/08 3:11 AM GMT
Lol, thanks for your comment on "Fatty"!
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09/16/08 8:55 AM GMT
Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I like it. Much appreciated.
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10/03/08 6:04 AM GMT
Hello and thanks for the comment on "The Beauty of Cheekwood"
Cheekwood is located Nashville, Tn. I would recommend this beautiful place for stop to visit while in that city. Be prepared to take time to explore. It has a very large grounds and so much to explore. The family that lived here had the Maxwell Coffee House Business and after selling it they bought this beautiful 100 acres and had a 30,000 sq. foot home built, furnished and then had the property landscaped. =^^=sandi
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi♥
10/05/08 3:39 PM GMT
Hi Della;
Thanks for commenting on "illuminate". I love the pun and thanks for the complement.
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"Democracy can only survive in a society where the people are motivated by love and respect for others, and a desire to reach out for something better."
10/06/08 1:29 AM GMT
Hi Della, thanx for taking the time to stop by and comment on "One of these things...", it always means a lot to me when someone takes the time to leave a note!

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Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
10/06/08 7:42 PM GMT
Hi Della, thanks a lot, very nice comment. I am glad you liked my photo
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10/13/08 12:55 AM GMT
Hey thanks for the nice comments on "Earthen"!
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10/21/08 5:46 PM GMT
thanks for your comment
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10/29/08 8:45 AM GMT
Thanx for the kind comment on Night of the Spirits, very much appreciated.
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01/02/09 1:09 AM GMT
Thanx so much for the very kind words on Break up, greatly appreciated.
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03/01/09 12:38 AM GMT
I'm glad you liked my shot of Machu Picchu. Thanks for looking!
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04/26/09 4:34 AM GMT
Thanks for the encouraging words on my Sunny Tulip Field picture. I enjoy experimenting with angles and light. Glad it worked for you.
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06/07/09 4:27 PM GMT
Thank you for stopping by Red Rock at Causey Reservoir. I appreciate the kind comments you left,
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