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1989 (29 years) 
02/10/06 9:26 PM GMT08/28/07 12:47 AM GMT 

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flying away by christine11, Photography->Birds gallery summer sunset by christine11, photography->sunset/rise gallery
flying away summer sunset


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02/28/06 4:33 AM GMT
Hey thanks for commenting my picture. Much appreciated :)
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"Someday you grow to thank the teachers, preachers, cops, and elders who never believed."
03/06/06 2:18 PM GMT
thanks so much for your kind words. jen
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03/07/06 6:47 AM GMT
Hello, Thank you so much for your feedback on "All in a Row". I really appreciated what you wrote! Dianna :-))
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03/13/06 7:17 PM GMT
I took a look around your gallery. Most of the images do have a clear focus, and almost all of them look quite vibrant in their different ways. My comment on one image doesn't apply to all of your work, so I though I should clarify that. I like what you have, but, as there is no perfect photograph, there is always room for improvement. You have the framing and color down, but I would recommend working on perspective. Show us something that we can't see from a standing person's view. Get low and close to something that we don't normally look at.

Keep posting. :-)
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Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. - Douglas Adams
03/17/06 11:22 PM GMT
thanks for commenting on my long road pic, its nice to know that you liked it!
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04/05/06 6:13 PM GMT
Thank you vert much for the words on Laguna Niguel
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Art is the perception of the creator. Meaning is the perception of the viewer. acceptance is the perception of society.
04/08/06 1:56 AM GMT
Hi & thanks for commenting on my Blue sky vine. :)
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~Seek the magic in every day~
04/11/06 11:30 AM GMT
Thank for the kind comment on my picture "Starlight Flowers". I find it
very nice to share hobby with another one.
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It are the small things that doing, perhaps a photo.... Wil
04/12/06 1:09 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Cupid
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04/14/06 8:40 PM GMT
Hi there
Thanks for the comment on Frisbee in Pool! Glad you liked it, and I agree, it does make me feel like going in! But summer's almost here, thank God!

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Tomorrow might never be | When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything - Doc Brown | My Gallery |
04/17/06 5:04 PM GMT
Hi, Thanks for your kind comments on "Easter Sunset". The sunset colors were amazing... I myself have never see so many different colors. I am happy you liked it. Sherree
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.....Ralph Waldo Emerson
04/23/06 4:48 PM GMT
Hi there, thanks for you comments on "A Walk On the Beach." I appreciate it.

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05/11/06 2:44 AM GMT
Hi, Thanks for your comments on "Bejeweled". It does look like blown glass. I appreciate your kind words. Sherree
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.....Ralph Waldo Emerson
05/17/06 8:57 PM GMT
Christine, I have added you to my friends list... hope that is alright with you. I am quite interested to see more of your work... Gerry...
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05/19/06 4:45 PM GMT
Hi are you? Thanks for compliments on "Backyard Rose 2"...gerry..
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05/24/06 10:15 AM GMT
Hi Christine, how are you? Thanks for comment on my posting "Catchink Some Rays". I know now that this is not a snapping turtle...was told that it is a painted turtle..anyways you asked how I got so close...I didn't...used a 200mm lens then I cropped the photo, I supposed I should have mentioned this in my commentary :). You also mentioned that this photo reminded you of going fishing with your grandpa...this must have been precious times for you....gerry..
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06/06/06 5:46 AM GMT
Hi Christine, Thanks for your comments on "Lava Lamp". I appreciate them very much. Sherree
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.

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