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A Bit of Winter Crystals Evening Waves


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11/17/05 4:56 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Ivory satin.. I am so pleased you liked it.. It is wonderful when someone who is not a fan of fractals, likes my work..
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One bead at a time
11/19/05 10:44 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment, Deb! Have a nice day!
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He, who does not want, find reasons, he who wants finds ways.
11/20/05 12:32 AM GMT
Thanks for your suggestion for 'Black-capped Chickadee'. I am just getting ready to mount some of my images and display them at the Green Point Nature Center indoor facility, where I captured them at.
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11/23/05 2:56 PM GMT
Thanks Deb for visit my "my city". In fact I love this town and as you say is a paceful and lovely place to live
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11/30/05 8:10 PM GMT
thanks deb for your nice comments on winter flowers...
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12/07/05 4:05 PM GMT
Hi Deb. Im glad you liked the picture of the Shining Globe in a fountain in Funchal on Madeira. I missed a tripod but this handheld shot turned out rather well also without one.
Thanks for commenting..welcome back!
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-- Arne --
01/30/06 12:24 AM GMT
Hello Deb...You were correct in your assesment of "Apparitions of U@4:17am", it was supposed to be slightly errie, sorta otherworldly and haunting. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments. dAVE
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If I cannot change the course of the winds...I damn well better change the directions of my sails
02/21/06 5:10 PM GMT
Hi Deb, and yes, Jack Frost was here..and it was the real!
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02/22/06 7:48 PM GMT
Thanks Deb...
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04/01/06 9:48 PM GMT
Thanks Deb for your comment on Sheep farm. I appreciate it :)
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-- Martin --
04/06/06 8:30 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Cannon Guard". And believe me... it was THAT kinda day! Sweltering, hazy HOT! With a bit of a breeze. I can feel the sweat dripping off of me all over again....
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~Being Normal Is Boring~
04/16/06 9:06 PM GMT
Hi Deb. thanks for visiting my "barn" photos...just a couple more and i'm wishing for some flowers =)
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05/11/06 5:16 PM GMT
Thank you Deb for your nice comments on 2 birds in flight. I think they are vultures.
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05/14/06 10:58 AM GMT
Thank you Deb for your comment on 'fan art', an opinion is always appresiated.
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05/23/06 1:56 PM GMT
Siesta Beach!! =)
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01/22/07 6:09 PM GMT
thanks for nice comment on "Sunset in Chapakroo"
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01/27/07 8:23 PM GMT
thanx for your nice words on nature and I do not know how it most be ther in summer because this was the first time for me too to be there:))
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