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01/22/05 8:20 PM GMT
Hi and thanks for checking out my rework of (Free the Horses), but I can't take credit for the photograph as it belongs to darryl. If you return to the image there is a link to his original photo in the image description as well as a link to an animation showing the changes I made to it. Welcome to Caedes by the way!
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
02/09/05 8:40 PM GMT
Hi .. thanks for your comment on Im Watching You.... im glad you liked it... :D
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The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand. --Robert Vallett
02/09/05 11:26 PM GMT
Thank you very much for the nice comment on >Valentine Gift 2 My Caeden Friends< There is a second picture coming soon look for it is called >Valentine #2< Welcome to Caedes
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~Elastica~ Happy Day oh happy day! hehe Smile everyone, I don't want to see those frowns on your face. You never know when your picture will be taken.
02/13/05 1:50 AM GMT
hello, thanks for your comment on Hurricane 2, much appreciated
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02/13/05 7:34 PM GMT
Thanks for you comment on Delicate Hearts, I'm glad you like it.
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'He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian' - Sir Willingham Foster
02/14/05 9:15 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on "Open Water Manipulation". I am glad you liked it. Mystery is difficult to accomplish in visual art so untangeable (spellng???), I appreciate your thoughts. :-)
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-those who hit rock bottom are too concerned with self pity to realize that they are lying on an anvil- Psalm 66:10, Job 10:8
05/13/05 12:41 AM GMT
Thx Em for visiting and commenting Boomrang!:0))!
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05/16/05 6:31 PM GMT
Thank you for your kind comments on "Ancient Memory." You're right - mostly photoshop work. Have a great day.
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05/16/05 6:36 PM GMT
Thanks for the nice comment on -Amarylis-.Very much appreciated.
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Carpe diem....
05/16/05 6:52 PM GMT
Heya :D
Thanks for the *groovy* comment on *Bliss*, lol...I'm glad you saw the sixties side ^_^
Best wishes
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/16/05 6:56 PM GMT
Hehe fae! That's what struck me first, it's such a great image, lol!
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~Have a nice day~
05/16/05 7:41 PM GMT
Thanks for the nice comment on Garfield, Maybe?? She is quite a cat.. I adore cats, and have since I was a small child..
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05/16/05 8:31 PM GMT
Hi... thanks for your comment on Hidden Away... im very glad you like it and your enjoying it on your desktop... it was a very peaceful place, not a sound except for the waterfall... i could have stayed there all day.. *sigh...
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"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away... I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away... I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisked it away.... I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay........."
05/16/05 8:54 PM GMT
Me too, Morwyn, they are such lovely animals.

I would love just to sneak away into the peaceful serenity you have in parts of Australia, Jacqueline, i envy you, lol!
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~Have a nice day~
05/16/05 9:07 PM GMT
Thanks for your thoughts on "R we there Yet?" yeah an airport tunnel springs to mind too,quite a good feeling going down an airport one to get to the plane with the air hostesses waitng for you. lol thanks again.
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j.O: Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.
05/17/05 1:09 AM GMT
Hey, thanks for your comments on Dunes at Dawn 2. Very glad you liked this shot and I appreciate your taking time to let me know.
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05/17/05 7:26 AM GMT
Thanks a lot for your comment on Refreshing...glad you enjoyed, go have that cold drink.:Pat.
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05/17/05 2:55 PM GMT
Lol, Pat, will do!
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~Have a nice day~
05/19/05 6:02 PM GMT
Hello and nice to meet you!
Tks for your comments on Blue Night! Sorry it took so long to reply, I started a new job and I find I have little time.
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I'm walking on sunshine! Webshots
05/23/05 5:26 AM GMT
Thanks so much for your kind comments on "A Cabin in the Woods". I'm pleased you liked it.
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05/25/05 7:11 PM GMT
Thanks again;
This time on "Rattlesnake Sundown". That was an experiment I did on the different kind of films I use and was pushing them to their limits. Glad you liked it.
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05/28/05 5:25 PM GMT
Hi emmebex ! Iīm glad you liked my Glass Art 1, the colored mouth-blown glasses! I regret I didnīt buy some of them at that Thanks for your kind words !
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08/11/05 9:15 PM GMT
Hey there. I read in a post that you would like to get into the art of fractal making. Apophysis, as someone mentioned before, is a super easy program. I made it sound tough in a tutorial. that I wrote, but it really isn't that difficult. It should set you on your feet with all you need to know!
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-those who hit rock bottom are too concerned with self pity to realize that they are lying on an anvil- Psalm 66:10, Job 10:8
08/31/05 3:29 PM GMT
Heya ^_^
Thanks for commenting on *Bliss*...I'm glad you liked it ^_^
Best wishes
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04/12/06 6:00 PM GMT
Thanks for your kind comment on "Flowers".
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