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04/21/05 12:44 AM GMT
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bo ba poo
05/03/05 6:41 PM GMT
Thank you for your comment on indigo

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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious" --Albert Einstein
07/11/05 11:38 PM GMT
Hi! Welcome to caedes! :)
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"Love the Lord our with all of your mind,heart & soul"-Bible
07/21/05 4:25 PM GMT
So glad you liked Captured.. It tried to get away, but I didn't let it.. Your comment is appreciated..
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07/21/05 6:31 PM GMT
Hi there, thanks for the comments on Radiate and Natural Source, much appreciated.

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07/22/05 9:39 PM GMT
ty for commenting on Twins.. im glad you liked it..

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And everytime I feel that my lifes a waste.. I just cant rid myself of your bitter taste.. - Me (Option21)
07/23/05 12:02 AM GMT
THanks for stopping by and leaving a coment for my piece "Magic Bus" I'm glad you liked it :-)
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Member: Jerry Springer Fan Club
07/23/05 11:18 AM GMT
Hey there :D
Thanks for commenting on *Acidic*...very pleased you liked it ^_^
Have a wonderful day...
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07/24/05 8:16 PM GMT
Hey again :D
Thanks for stopping by *Summer Floral*...your feedback was much appreciated ^_^
Best wishes
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07/31/05 6:21 PM GMT
HI there, thx you for your comment on Speed Colored Beams, I'm pleased you liked it!:0))!
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08/03/05 2:29 AM GMT
Thanks 4 being Groovy with Groovy.....(>.<)
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I dont mind, if it dont matter...
08/14/05 1:08 PM GMT
Thankyou for your comment on The Awakening... im glad you liked it... =)
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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." --Helen Keller
08/14/05 4:09 PM GMT
Hi and thanks for your comments on "Between Light and Shadow" and "Heatwaves". I'm glad you enjoy them.
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09/01/05 5:17 AM GMT
Thanks a lot for your comments on Flowers In Abstract. Glad you like it :)
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream big"?
09/02/05 1:28 PM GMT
Hello, and thank you so very much for your lovely words left on my door step!! What a delight that you liked "Escorted in Purple"! I also appreciate your high vote and I thank you again for that! Please stop by for another visit! I would enjoy that! Sincerely, Marilyn
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09/05/05 8:56 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "Together We Stand". I'm pleased you like it.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
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10/20/05 1:15 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on Confusion
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10/25/05 8:50 AM GMT
thank you for stopping by the blow hole!

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
12/10/05 7:43 AM GMT
Hey , thx for the comment on fire & water , always appreciated.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
12/11/05 6:51 AM GMT
I want to thank you for taking the time for commenting on "Butterfly Kisses"! I really appreciate the nice things you said about my fractals! Thanks again! Vicky
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12/13/05 2:16 AM GMT
hey thanx for the comment on me times 3! i was going to do more with it but i got too frustrated so i quit lol but im glab you liked it!
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Try not to take life to seriously, you'll never make it out alive.
12/16/05 6:10 PM GMT
Hi. Thanks for giving me the different names of my yellow flower on "From The Island Of Flowers" ! Im glad you liked the shot
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-- Arne --

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